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Can Religion Improve Your Health - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyses the role of religion in improving human health. The author of the paper, analyzing the sides of religious people and critics, concludes that it is logical to believe that religions or beliefs can improve human health up to a certain extent…
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Can Religion Improve Your Health
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Download file to see previous pages Science succeeded in unveiling many of the mysteries around us; however, it failed to make a concrete statement about the life before birth and life after death. On the other hand, religion has answers to all these questions. Religions and its principles are formulated not based on any scientific facts or observations, but based on belief alone. The agony of what is going to happen to the soul after one’s death is haunting human life even now. Religions talk about an eternal life after death based on the activities one would perform in his earthly life. Religions argue that the current life is only a temporary one and a permanent life is waiting for human after death. The failure of science in unveiling anything about the chances of a future life created a lot of psychological problems among humans. Such humans are relying heavily on religious teachings in order to avoid their concerns and stresses about a future life. In other words, religions can help people to improve their physical and psychological health. This paper analyses the role of religion in improving human health.
According to a new clinical study, people who strongly affirm that they love God and feel loved by God or a higher power score higher on a measure of overall health. The results, published in the latest issue of Review of Religious Research the peer-reviewed journal of the Religious Research Association, show that loving God is a strong and significant factor determining perceptions of health, even after controlling for other social, psychological, and disease-related factors known to affect how people rate their health (Does Religion Improve Your Health?)
The reasons for many of the physical diseases are originated from an unhealthy mind. Mind controls or drives the human body and any problem occurred to the driver may result in malfunctioning of the body.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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