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Why the arab countries are not paying attention to the mental health issues compared to the west - Essay Example

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Studies have documented that mental disorders are widespread in the Arab countries. However, there is no single study that has elucidated on the continued negligence of different stakeholders on the issue. …
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Why the arab countries are not paying attention to the mental health issues compared to the west
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"Why the arab countries are not paying attention to the mental health issues compared to the west"

Download file to see previous pages However, there is no single study that has elucidated on the continued negligence of different stakeholders on the issue. Nevertheless, some research has indicated that the frequency of mental disorders does not vary much across the globe Ghodse, 2011). In this regard, it is correct to argue that Arab countries are not different. However, it is critical to review why Arab countries stand out to be distinct given that there are no disparities in terms of variation in mental illnesses between Arab countries and the west. It is apparent that the only difference in mental disorders in the Arab countries and the west is how the two different regions perceive and look at the issue. Studies have indicated that the manifestations of the mental illnesses vary with culture. In fact, in many developing countries, mental illnesses are highly characterized with the culture of those particular countries. The data, believes, and attitudes of persons in these areas dictate how the illnesses are addressed. However, as Suad, (2006) stipulates, the problem in many Arab countries is not on how difficult it is to deal or treat mental disorders, it has to do with how well physicians or psychiatrists can be able to handle issues revolving around the illness. For example, there is a need to articulate on why people have negative attitude towards mentally ill persons. Basically, Mooney, et al. (2011) argues that, these attitudes have several and severe consequences to both the patient and the society. This is highly seen where even if the patient is well treated and attended to by the psychiatrist, the situation gets no better especially when the public view such patients as outcasts or inhuman. Therefore, even if the patient is treated, discrimination, which is mostly associated with negative attitudes in such societies, tends to manifest itself (Corrigan, et al., 2011). In light with this, the patient may continue to suffer psychologically as they try to contemplate that some people view them differently. There has also been a problem with how psychiatrists attend to persons with mental disorders in Arab countries. As McKenzie, et al. (2012) contends, this is highly attributed to the fact that the mode of treatment of persons with mental illnesses is not advanced. It is indispensible to have psychiatry programs upgraded in order to integrate modern teaching techniques, which would go a long way in bringing up more competent psychiatrists. Moreover, the upcoming doctors needs to be trained in such a way that they will be in a position to establish a rapport relationship with their patients in order to have in-depth analysis of the patient’s condition (Faraone, et al., 1999). Another major concern is on how psychiatrists can utilise the unique cultural traits that exists in these countries to counter any negative factors surrounding mental illnesses. For example, it is believed that religion and family settings can be utilised in reverting the negative attitudes towards mentally ill persons. This is arguably true because family ties in many Arab countries are strong. Therefore, they can be used to strengthen social support to issues revolving around positivity and support for mentally ill persons, rather than discriminating against them. In regard to religions, it is believed that religions can as well be utilised in impacting and preaching good deeds that induces good traits in their believers, and this can be used to protect mentally ill persons from discrimination and harm (Stuart, 2005). Discrimination is well manifested in situations where a certain religion belief insinuates that mentally ill persons are sort of coursed or outcasts. Therefore, if such religions are educated on severity and vagueness of such beliefs, then they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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