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what are a three reasons that certain populations of students are succeeding in US public schools and others are not? Provide citations (author, page) to substantiate your response; 2. what are some possible solutions? 3. What is the single most important change we can make to remedy the situation?…
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Reflection essay
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what are a three reasons that certain populations are succeeding in US public schools and others are not? Provide citations page) to substantiate your response; 2. what are some possible solutions? 3. What is the single most important change we can make to remedy the situation? you don't have to use any books other than the above three as references. The educational system in the United States has witnessed drastic changes over the past decade. My goal as the director or a teacher would consist of many aspects. First and foremost, I would like my students to develop strong proficiency in development and narrow the gap between theory and practice. I selected this goal because students are acquiring knowledge without key implementation, which is detrimental to their learning behavior. Working with special needs kids is different because it relies on different strategies to achieve the learning goals. Undoubtedly, patience and hard work is required but many factors accumulate that distinguish succeeding US public school rate. One of the biggest factors that leverages success in US public schools is the home environment that has slowly been deteriorating over the years (Sadovnik 3). It is clear that many US schools possess students that are from single-parent house. Majority of the families in western culture are broken up (Kozol 28). Divorce rates are high in western communities especially in America. This has been a huge factor because it deters a student to fully concentration without the proper nurturing, support and guidance of another parents. It is clear from a psychological perspective that these students feel discouraged and unappreciated for their efforts (Kozol 32). Because of this lack of nurturing, they turn into other avenues to feel wanted. This can also be correlated to poverty (Hammond 16). Poverty is the state of condition that most nations have continued to suffer for centuries. It is clearly not an issue of countries being lethargic and government corruption but the actual views are dictated through global practices. In essence, the elite and the rich have continued to impose their will along with other elements that have caused poverty. The prolonging effects of poverty have continued to be the focal point in every country because it hinders the growth of community. One of the major solutions to rectify this issue is to have a customized plan for all students. It is evident that all students have their own channels for learning and innovative thinking (Kozol 39). Creating a customized solution for students will allow students to learn at their own pace. Another essential element is to nurture their creativity and thinking. The second element to leverage success is to depict real-life strategies. I firmly believe that implementing methodologies that are acquired in school initiates from giving students real life example (Hammond 6). As a student myself, I had a huge challenge acquiring and embedding these skills in real-life. In order for students to implement these strategies, it is crucial that they get exposed to real-life scenarios in which they can be able to compare and contrast their acquired skills set (Kozol 13). For instance, increasing their proficiency would mean sitting down them individually or in small groups and explaining the concepts to them through real-life methodology.  Another way to rectify this situation is to be collaborative. Collaborating is undoubtedly essential in order to thrive in any profession as the thoughts of ideas, knowledge, and practices are exchanged (Hammond 6). Quite often, students struggle to socialize in a pre-dominant learning environment. Hence, the true goal here is to foster an environment in which peers collaborate with each other that can critically be a constant reminder of their ever-growing knowledge (Sadovnik 5). Researchers believe that auditory and verbal comprehension skills are two key aspects that a special kid needs in order to thrive and gain knowledge (Sadovnik 6). Thus, the focus will be centered on Differentiated Instruction at the middle school level. Indisputably, each student has a unique set of literacy development needs. At this level, the focus will be to break down students in groups of 5 or less and harness their reading skills by teaching a group a special skill. Moreover, planning the lessons will be focused towards young adults in which real-life problems will be discussed. Furthermore, modified and customized lessons along with telling the students to either discuss or write a summary will be enacted. Teachers can generally focus on teaching their students the basic fundamentals of the syntax and not worry about adding complex words and definitions that complicate the process (Sadovnik 8). Teachers can add academic value to these lessons by integrating simple jargon that is easy to comprehend, acknowledge, and implement. The use of story problems and application methods should also be enacted. Lastly, it is essential that students best practice their skills engaged in a group environment. The single best factor that can be embedded is to modify their ideology regarding education. It is quite pivotal to change this ideology in order to truly let the students understand the value of education compared to other avenues of making money. If real-life examples can be depicted to these students, then it would be apparent that a good education is a key to having a successful career. Since most of the kids come from a poor background, it is often difficult to modify their perspective (Sadovnik 24). By showing them a value of good education which can lead to financial security, students will be more open to focus on their education. Lastly, A strong push will be made by the school to develop a more “hands-on approach” in the dynamic learning environment. Younger students are further engaged in a process of collaboration and discovery as they explore the new spheres of the environment.  Works Cited Hammond, Linda. The flat world and education: how America's commitment to equity will determine our future. New York: Teachers College Press, 2010. Print. Kozol, Jonathan. The shame of the nation: the restoration of apartheid schooling in America. New York: Crown Publishers, 2005. Print. Sadovnik. The sociology of education. 3d ed. London: Methuen, 1979. Print. Read More
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