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Availability Of Information Online - Essay Example

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AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION ONLINE GRADE COURSE 6TH DECEMBER Availability of Information Online Learning and teaching. Sometimes learning is confused with teaching but, they are two different words. Teaching is the action taken by the instructor so as to help the learner acquire knowledge…
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Availability Of Information Online
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"Availability Of Information Online"

Download file to see previous pages E-learning is electronic based training which involves the transfer of instructions and educational material through the internet or intranet and/or CD-ROM (Mason, 2006). It may include use of videos, audio, or written materials. Reflective learning Reflective learning can be classified as one of the earliest learning method. This method of learning can be explained as consciously thinking about a situation and analyzing what one has done or is doing. The thinking can involve looking for commonalities, differences, and interrelations beyond their superficial elements. It can be also seen as learning from present or past experience (Moon, 2004). Finally, reflective learning is the process by which one makes meaning from experiences that involve more than simply attending to events but also, the interaction other individuals, the environment and the world. Reflective learning encourages participation, ensures concentration of the students and offers relevant framework for development of professionals in their respective fields. Reflective learning also enables instructors to learn from their experiences of teaching and facilitate students learning (Brookfield, 2000). By use of the Kolb cycle (a set of four different stages) instructors can acquire useful model by which to develop their practice. The assumption of the Kolb cycle is that it is insufficient to encompass an experience so as to learn and that the cycle can be entered at any stage. The four stages of the Kolb cycle are concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. Concrete experience involves actual doing of an act so as to have the first hand experience. Reflective observation may involve reviewing and reflecting on the experience acquired (Scho?n, 1987). Abstraction conceptualization involves the thinking process and concluding of the learning experience. Active experimentation is the planning and the trying out of the information and experiences acquired. It is evident that through reflective learning, the lecturer acquires the necessary skills which can enable him or her effectively teaches and counsels the students (Scho?n, 1987). E-learning and Reflective learning The introduction and continued spread of e-learning may lead to the division of academics from the scholars and tends to lead to the anticipation that classes can be triumphant without the face to face contact of the student with the instructor. E-learning may be most appropriate if three factors are thoroughly addressed, which are technology, instructional needs, and education (Lynch, 2002). However, most modern theories of learning (including E-learning) promote the concept of reflective learning as essential for deep and significant learning. The advancement in technology has enabled e-learning to overcome the traditional disadvantages of using technology to gain experience and knowledge. (Stephenson, 2001) In the past, online learning was passive, using the usual teaching centered approach. However, the e-learning approach used this days incorporates the reflective theory of learning enabling learners to observe, reflect, strategize, and even to plan their own learning. The online learning activity, featuring reflections and collaboration, attempts to assist students in self-directed learning and in improving their skills and knowledge through designing tailor made learning programmes that are well suited to each student (Clarke, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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