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Discuss political power distribution in regard to neo-pluralism. To what extent is political power in Hong Kong widely and propo - Essay Example

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Insert name Tutor Course Date Political pluralism in Hong Kong Political pluralism is the perception of liberal democracies which requires the dispersal of power among different economic and philosophical organized groups (Ma 38). Pluralism does not require the concentration of political power on a single group or elites…
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Discuss political power distribution in regard to neo-pluralism. To what extent is political power in Hong Kong widely and propo
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Extract of sample "Discuss political power distribution in regard to neo-pluralism. To what extent is political power in Hong Kong widely and propo"

Download file to see previous pages Hong Kong seems to be keen on ensuring that pluralism is successful within its jurisdiction. Chan (198) says Hong Kong's current path to a complete democracy has been influenced by the country’s internal development of democratic structures over the past two decades. As at now, the struggle for establishing and strengthening internal democratic structures in Hong Kong has led to the pan-democratic agents locking horns with the hesitant government of China. The main challenge to democratic pluralism has been the inherent reluctance of the People’s Republic of China to welcome a Western-model democratic structure taking foot in Hong Kong. The central government of China does not appear to approve of the inevitable Western influences that would subsequently follow, and might spillover to China’s mainland. Ma (38) argues that China is wary about such a development because the West could use Hong Kong as the launch-pad for the subsequent complete democratization of the mainland China. As such, Ma (38) notes that the growth of democratic structures and culture in Hong Kong is basically hinged on the very core of the China’s central administrative authorities in Beijing. ...
the pluralism of the Western political culture where political organizations take rotations at the helm of leadership and competitive will of the people is the cornerstone of the processes (Ma 38). Despite these challenges, Hong Kong boasts of its internal organizations as the most liberal in the whole of China. The region’s people are arguably not just agents of democratic processes which manifests in their relentless support for a universal suffrage or its equivalent in the election of the Chief Executive and the members of the Legislative Council, but also adherents of the free expression of political views. Ma (38) has pointed out that Hong Kong also takes pride in civil rights protection, constitutionalism and a government leadership that is not tainted. The close supervisory roles of the reputable oversight organizations like the anti-corruption agency have also increased the level of faith in the regime’s leadership. In light of these tremendous steps involving constitutional pluralism, Hong Kong is experiencing a great level of horizontal transparency. Chan (198) points out that the much needed vertical accountability regarding competitive assumption of political offices based on the people’s will and the rotation of political parties in power has not yet been realized, however. Neo-liberalism in organized groups As Chan (198) has stated, Hong Kong organized groups replicate institutions of neo-liberalism, and as such they are representative the democratic will of their members in the selection of the Chief Executive. The system appears to favor competitiveness in the choice of leadership and public policy which rests with businesspersons, professional bodies, scholars and social welfare organizations (Hague and Harrop Martin 12-47). The organizations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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