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Classical Pluralism Comes Nowhere Near Capturing - Assignment Example

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The paper analyzes how much classical pluralist theory is found in our local politics today. This paper tells that all political systems that ever existed in history and those currently existing, the prevailing political systems in different parts of the worlds can luckily be categorized…
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Classical Pluralism Comes Nowhere Near Capturing
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Download file to see previous pages Classical pluralism is the view that politics and decision making are mostly located in the government, but there are also non-governmental groups who use many resources to exert their influence on politics and decision making (Barzilai 2003). What we observe these days in our local politics is actually neopluralism. It is the reconstruction of political science and advancement in the fundamental and traditional structure of classical pluralism of political sociology. Our societies have come a long way from the traditional classic era of classic pluralism of the post second world war era. Pluralist legacy emphasized on the primacy on the pluralist social agents and factors. Neopluralism still falls in the pluralist legacy of the classic, but it has undergone a series of complicated revisions. There are many theoretical perspectives on one of the most fundamental questions of politics. Who should rule? The answer varies from the many, the few, to one? A classical pluralist answer to this question is the rule of many. Although there are not many theories that support the rule of one classical theory do support the existence of one ruling class or power elite. In short, we can term it as the rule of the few (Connolly 2010). What is classical pluralism? The central theme of classical pluralism is the concept of unity in diversity proposed by Aristotle. It is also followed by the early liberal’s competitive and representative democracy. This theory of liberal democracy in socially diverse countries flourished and evolved into what is called Polyarchy. Polyarchy form of pluralism is about the effective rule of elected representatives through a process of free and competitive elections conducted in the supervision of the civil associations of civil liberties. Polyarchy is rooted in the heterogeneous pluralist social structure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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