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The effects of substance abuse on domestic violence - Research Paper Example

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The effects of substance abuse on domestic violence The effects of substance abuse on domestic violence Introduction The effective control of crime is depended on the ability of the regulator to understand the factors that most influenced the perpetrator. However, the identification of the specific factors is not always easy; difficulties and delays can often appear during such process especially in countries the legal system of which suffers from extensive bureaucracy…
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The effects of substance abuse on domestic violence
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Download file to see previous pages Current paper examines the potential effects of substance abuse on domestic violence, a crime that has highly expanded worldwide. All aspects of substance abuse, as developed in the context of the family, are explored; emphasis is given though to the potential of substance abuse to lead to violent incidents within the family. The study has been structured in such way so that the reader is given the chance to monitor the raise of violence as a result of substance abuse in families with different social and cultural characteristics. Indeed, the study is not limited in terms of geography; rather it aims to show the expansion of domestic violence, as related to substance abuse, in countries worldwide. Still, the study focuses on the effects of substance abuse on domestic violence against women and children. The study is expected to contribute significantly in the field of knowledge related to domestic violence. More specifically, existing literature highlights the potential relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence but the expansion of the specific social problem in societies with different social and cultural characteristics is not made clear. ...
From this point of view, the study is considered as quite important showing the power of substance abuse to lead to the development of domestic violence even by persons who do not have experiences or behavioral/ social characteristics that could justify such behavior. Literature Review The literature related to domestic violence shows clearly the relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence. The literature also highlights the various effects of domestic violence on women and children, as the most common victims of violence resulted because of substance abuse. Primarily, reference should be made to the studies aiming to prove the relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence. In a study developed in 1995 by Brookoff in Memphis in regard to domestic violence it has been revealed that almost all assaults, included those developed within family, were resulted because of substance abuse. An important finding of the survey, which took place in Memphis, was that a person is likely to use violence after using drugs, and especially cocaine; about 15% of the participants reported that had such experience. The findings presented above have been retrieved through qualitative research: ‘researchers from the University of Memphis, medical department, accompanied officers from the local Police department’ (Brookoff 1997, p.1) while the latter responded to calls for assistance in regard to incidents of assault (Brookoff 1997). Thus the findings of the study of Brookoff reflect the actual aspects, i.e. as related to real-life, of the relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence. In a survey developed among 300 people who are alcohol dependent, a percentage of 64.3% admitted that the high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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