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Substance abuse is a major problem affecting everyone in the world, be it from individual, family or society level. This paper will illustrate the effects of substance abuse at the family level, and the various interventions that have been put in place to curb this vice. …
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Family Assessment and Substance Abuse
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Download file to see previous pages Violence here can be physical, verbal, or sexual. This can be attributed to the impaired reasoning state that a person assumes after using drugs. Drugs have been known to interfere with one’s perception of things and so tend to think illogically and irrationally. Those who suffer here are spouses of drug addicts as well as their children. In addition to this, the physical state of drug addicts is also affected. Psychologically, drug addicts are affected, as they appear mentally deranged (Thombs et. al., 1997. Their thinking and reasoning is impaired, and as a result, their decisions affect their families. The resultant effect of drug abuse in a family includes denial and keeping of that issue secretive. As a result, the family makes changes in the ways it deals with the substance abuse problem. Some of the rules that have been documented to exist in families where substance abuse is an issue include; all family members are encouraged not to feel the painful effects that drug use cause a family member to do. These changes include emotional and behavioral changes. Children and spouses affected here do not talk about or express their emotions in public, but in case this happens, the reaction is always violent and abusive. In such families, there is lack of trust since many promises made are always cancelled or forgotten. This erodes the trust of family members, especially children who grow up with this notion. If anyone abuses drugs while expectant, then there are chances that they will give birth to babies with low birth weight. In addition to this, babies born by addictive mothers suffer from withdrawal syndrome soon after birth or acquire fetal alcohol syndrome. Substance abuse...
This essay stresses that organizations that are responsible for drug trafficking should be dismantled and their leaders arrested and prosecuted in international courts. However, this method has not been effective as much, probably due to the high rate of corruption and presence of rogue law enforcers and top government officials who benefit from drug sales. Also, fundamental is the enhancement of policies that will control the sale of prescription drugs so that they are not abused. The government has put in place some acts and legislations that are aimed at controlling the vice. For example, the Drug abuse Control amendments of 1965. This was formed to act as a modification of the Food, drug, and cosmetics act. Through this act, some drugs were labeled as stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, required licenses, and control in terms of distribution and sales. The bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs was also formed, and handles control of marijuana and narcotics, as well as other drugs. Finally yet importantly in control of substance abuse and addiction is the online counseling services that help drug users.
This paper makes a conclusion that substance abuse is without a doubt a major problem that has affected all and sundry in the world, be it directly or indirectly. Even though there are measures in place to curb this problem, it is evident that a lot more has to be done if total eradication is to be achieved. This will bring normalcy to families and the society as whole. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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