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Effects of Domestic Violenceon Lower-Class Children - Research Paper Example

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Tutor Course Date Section I: Effects of domestic violence on lower-class children Domestic violence is defined as persistent abusive behavior perpetuated by one partner against another in a social unit such as matrimony, relationship, family, or a scenario in which persons live together…
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Effects of Domestic Violenceon Lower-Class Children
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Extract of sample "Effects of Domestic Violenceon Lower-Class Children"

Download file to see previous pages According to Cleaver (56), “the existence of domestic violence and parental drug or alcohol misuse was found to have serious impact on all aspects of children’s lives.” This implies that alcoholism and emotional disorders can be regarded as co-morbid factors with domestic violence which often results in additional problems hampering the effective resolution of the challenge. Regardless, domestic violence is a broad phenomenon that may not be restricted to physical hostility (Handley 31-35). It can also imply risking the life of an individual, criminal bullying, abduction, unlawful incarceration, trespassing, and persecution. This paper explores the impacts of domestic violence on children. Statistics According to Johnson (40), children are on the receiving end of domestic violence. Statistics have been on the increase regarding the recognition of the fact that a toddler who is brought up in an environment where domestic violence in the order of the day will experience immense challenges in their emotional and physical development (Handley 23-56). Owing to the deep concern for domestic hostilities that a large number of children are forced to grapple with, “…purification is no longer possible and impure, contagious, reciprocal violence spreads throughout the community …” (Handley 19), implying that domestic violence also universally affects how the child’s psychological, social, cognitive and behavioral components are tailored during development. Some psychological and behavioral challenges that can be touched off by domestic violence encompass more cruelty, nervousness, and impairments in regard to how a child relates with social acquaintances, family, and teachers as well as administrative personalities (Cleaver 23). According to Roy (1), “There is a silencing ... from the family or from well-meaning friends who fear for the woman’s safety,” meaning, dejection and low self-esteem can result due to harrowing incidents that they witnessed. Emotional and cognitive challenges in the learning facilities can start rising as well as the weakening problem-solving skills. In light of this, a connection has been established between the prevalence of abuse and abandonment in early years and engaging in domestic hostility and sexual violence among similar cases when they become adults (Handley 29-33). Further, in a number of instances, the perpetrator will deliberately perpetuate an abuse in the full glare of the toddler to trickle down to the younger victim, though in an indirect manner, hence, injuring two persons at the same time. It has been established that toddlers who witness parental violence are more expected to experience emotional disorders (Johnson 40). Additionally, chances that these minors will likely experience a more serious emotional problem(s) if their parent who is on the receiving end, develops emotional disorders is high. According to Joe (1) such parents often lack the capacity to help their young one with handling their own challenges of facing the impact of the condition in as they grow and develop. Signs of domestic violence Emotional The reaction of a child to unrelenting acts of domestic violence is dictated by several issues, including their maturity, gender, character and the nature of the family in which they are brought up (Cleaver 13-19). Domestic violence takes toll on children and can be measured on two fronts: the short-term and long-term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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