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The right to life movement - Research Paper Example

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The Right to Life Movement Abstract The research paper intends to highlight the ongoing social issue of right to life and the emergence of Pro-Life America in handling the issue. Pro-Life America was established in order to address the social issue through the Pro-Life movement of abolishing the abortion practice in the US sub-standard hospitals…
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The right to life movement
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Download file to see previous pages The right to life movement The research paper intends to highlight the social issue of Right-To-Life movement, also known as Pro-Life movement, currently on-going in the US. To be noted, the paper also examines the involvement of ProLife America, as the major participant in the movement and other parties associated in collaboration to make the movement a success. The research has also stated the sociologist’s opinion about the social issue and the structure adopted by the organization to tackle the problem and render a higher degree of life security to the intended beneficiaries including the expecting women and their unborn child. C. Wright Mills explanation of social issue According to C. Wright Mills, the concept of sociology helps to understand the meanings of the inner life in a wider sense (Mills, 2000). In the US, the issues of individual rights have emerged as a central point of legal dispute in the present era. The foundation of the American republic lies on the truth of equality among men and women and the right to life, freedom and the perseverance of happiness among the people of the US. One of the area of American bioethical discourse stresses on the human dignity along with the movement for right to life in the current era. Apparently, the right to life movement in the US has given stress on self defense against all the threats to life and the acquisition of the right thereon (Kass, 2007). Brief History of the issue In the 20th century history of America, the right to life movement had ignited to oppose on the system of abortion and also to enact legal restriction to the system based on the philosophy that the life, which is still not born, also possesses an equal right to life as others do. It was also considered to be the best approach to resolve the controversial issues and prolong a healthier and longer life among the women of the US, demanding the legal restriction of abortion during the 1st trimester stage of pregnancy (Cassidy, n.d). Discussion In the US, one of the major participant organizations serving for the right of life movement by building an association among digital informative weblinks is ProLife America. This particular organization attempts to function as the association of digital information providing groups, which aims to works with a collective value and objective for the overall promotion of right to life. The organization also emphasizes obtaining the feedback from its intended stakeholders to gain its intended objectives (Priests for Life, n.d). A number of cases related to abortion were observed in different countries in the late 1960s. Correspondingly, the US government had developed the legislation of the Civil Rights to life in around 1968 (Cassidy, n.d). Further amendment was demanded to the legislation, following the judgment in the Roe v. Wade case and other key cases involving life risks to the women as well as their embryo (unborn child) due to abortion in sub-standard hospitals (Lange, 2011). The US pro-life movement has recorded around 120 organizations to be participating actively with the aim to overcome the identified social issue of increasing rate of abortion and the consequent life risk to the women and the unborn child too. The movement took pace with the aid of the digital information system, uniting the worldwide activists in the process of life saving, principally by the year 2003. Among them, the major proportion is held by religious ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Right to Life Movement Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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