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Legal Aspects of a Nation - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "Legal Aspects of a Nation" focuses on the problems that nations can face. According to the text, the nation that is being hurt by its geography is Madagascar. It is surrounded by water and therefore it is limited to access…
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Legal Aspects of a Nation
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Extract of sample "Legal Aspects of a Nation"

The kind of peace settlement
The kind of peace settlement that will be sought by the realist to settle two warring ethnics is a democracy and peaceful settlement. The democratic approach to peace involves considering the rights of the people. When the rights such the right to life, movement and speech are limited leads to suffering. Democracy gives equal chances to the warring communities to exercise their rights. Once the rights are observed, they will stop fighting. In a peaceful settlement, it involves dialogue and agreement over issues causing the commotion between the warring ethnic groups. The method of conflict settlement can be the most appropriate because there is no usage of excessive force. The excessive force cause more harm
The liberal will employ two methods to settle the conflict. They will use military and economic policies. In the military aspects, they will force the two ethnic groups to stop and surrender their weapon. Failure to do so, they will be forced by the military to surrender forcefully. The economic policies involve widening the dependency between the poor and the rich for the poor to continuously depend on the rich. They will threaten the warring nation with an economic sanction in which they have to comply. Failure to comply leads to total withdrawal of the support.
In conclusion, the two aspects of conflict settlement: realist and liberal have the advantages over the other. The liberal is more forceful than the realist. It can be used in a few cases as compared to the realism that is harmless and observes human rights. Read More
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