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Is offending behaviour foreseeable from social indicators - Essay Example

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Social indicators simply refer to the characteristics and features that turn out to be supportive ones with regards to comprehending with the present and future prospects associated with some particular social establishment…
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Is offending behaviour foreseeable from social indicators
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Download file to see previous pages Though social indicators could help the entire population to make plans and devise strategies in the light of the predictions they appear to be elucidating; nevertheless, only the intelligent and intellectual stratum turns out to be the group to understand and accept the challenges the society could experience in accordance with the evident and explicit social indicators. Not only this that the social indicators provide a comprehensive political and economic situation of future era, but also they skilfully communicate the hurdles and obstacles different communities can undergo for the future days to come. The same is particularly applied to the criminal behaviour, offences, perversion and deviancy, which are strongly predicted by the social indicators to the prudent and rational members of a social establishment at large. Criminal behaviour stands for the activities and actions that appear to be explicitly violating the statutes of existing law, and hence seriously challenging the peace and harmony of society (Hagan, 2010:25). It also includes the infringement of the popular social norms, traditional cultural values, and the widely accepted and adopted moral and ethical code as well with the aim of harming and hurting the other members of society in one way or the other. Eventually, criminal behaviour looks for disturbing and destroying the collective harmony with the aim of seeking personal, social, financial or political gains out of inflicting damage on the others. Social indicators mirror the situations that may drag a society to the large scale criminal and antisocial behaviour. The theorists are of the view that the antisocial behaviour always emerges as the outcome of the exploitation of the oppressed or haves-not at the hands of the privileged or haves (Turner, 2010:93). In other terms, antisocial behaviour could be declared as the reflection of injustices and inequalities exercised by the powerful stratum against the suppressed and downtrodden communities, which is sure to pave the way towards revolt and delinquencies as the expression of protest against the cruelties exercised upon them by denial of their just rights on the part of the privileged and prosperous social stratum. Consequently, excessive and consecutive observing of injustices serves as a powerful social indicator to expose and reveal the emerging criminal behaviour within the specific social establishment. Imposition of such type of inequalities could be against an individual, a group, a community as well as a nation as well. Taking the example of isolation of Germany in the aftermath of WWI, and the imposition of extremely malicious and tyrannical sanctions on the country at the international arena forced the German radicals to bounce back and build a road that could lead to their prosperity at the cost of the ruination of the enemies of German nation (Lowe, 1989:482). In the same way, the ruthless ways adopted by the Nazi Germany by inflicting sufferings on the Jewish community forced the Jewish minority to join hands with the foes of Germany by committing anti-patriotic acts and traitor against their nation in order to save their skin. In addition to this, the hatred and abhorrence demonstrated by the majority of the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) towards the African-American community of the USA resulted into the revolt first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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