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Contemporary slavery also exits in the form of violence against lowly paid house helps, human trafficking and involuntary prostitution. Crime and majority of the social evils are all consequences of social stratification. What do you think should be done about the US crime issue? What Sociological theories support your theory? The crime issue in America is one of the worst traits about the country. With its population being a mere eight of China, it is horrifying to understand that America has more criminals in custody than China. In fact, the nation has the highest number of prisoners in the world. This shows that the crime rate in America is relatively high. Resolving the issue of crime in America can take several approaches. One of the critical ways of resolving crime in America is the creation of informal jobs in majority of the low-income neighborhoods. Chinese criminal rates are relatively low in China because of distribution of wealth that is equitable (Watson, 2010). The crime rates in low-income neighborhoods are resiliently high and the possibilities of the crime rates reducing in the near future is still uncertain. Arguably, crime rates in the low-income neighborhoods are high, yet these areas have too little to offer for the crime perpetrators. As such, owing to insufficiency in money or property that can be stolen, youths engage in repetitive crime with the hope of earning a fair income. Unemployment in these neighborhoods is equally high. The creation of informal jobs that

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When the two groups clashed, Europe was always viewed as the point of war. Most of the political leaders in the European government did not view war as a problem between different states (Freeman 6). On the contrary, these political leaders usually viewed war as a solution strategy.
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In addition, please provide a brief explanation of the changes in the equilibrium market conditions. a. A severe frost destroys much of the Brazilian crop. b. Coffee is shown to cause cancer in laboratory experiments on mice. c. The price of tea declines sharply in production/consumption.
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He belonged to Argentina. Part: 1.4 Fernando Botero was a Columbian artist. He focused on creating sculptures and paintings of robust human and animal shapes. His subjects of painting were bullfighting, subconscious world, and human violence. Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter.
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Discuss various mass media advertising tools and its importance. Mass media refers to all the media technologies targeting large audiences through mass communication. The electronic media (well known as broadcast media) transfer information through electronic devices such as radio, film, and movies.
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50s; University students; professionals; and other practitioners from a wide range of fields and disciplines; above average income earners. Suppliers: suppliers of raw coffee beans; loaves of bread and pastry; packaged sugar and cream; suppliers of other beverages offered other than coffee (mineral water and other packaged juice, tea, or chocolate drinks); suppliers of paper cups and plastic products; as well as office supplies and equipment.
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The second question focuses on the three sociological perspectives, the conflict, symbolic interactionism and functionalist perspectives and asks us which perspective is more applicable in today’s society. The last question focuses on the comparison of both micro and macro level of sociology and asks us which level of sociology is more helpful in the study of society.
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Society is complex, dynamic, and constantly changing. It is important to consider these changes with a careful eye. While it is good and proper to develop individual core values that guide ones actions, it is also important to gain an understanding appreciation of other people groups and cultures in an attempt to live more in harmony with one another.
7 pages (1750 words)Research Paper
Answer to questions about Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)
The PCAOB was established as an outcome of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The primary reason for the establishment of the PCAOB was that in the wake of the growing financial scams and massive audit failures of many
3 pages (750 words)Research Paper
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Due to all these human activities, greenhouse warming occurs with the result that the balance of Earth’s climate is being destroyed (Turk and Bensel 12).
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The company has been focusing on what customers give value to and what they miss in the transport sector. This enables Daimler AG to find opportunities to become innovative. Therefore, through the use
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require minimal qualifications and yet are increasingly high paying would be the best strategy employable as a way to ensure that crime rate reduces in America. Gun control and the elimination of private prisons has also been argued to be a possible remedy to the crime issue in America, but employment of youths in low-income neighborhoods would be the best strategy employed. One social theory that is applicable in this case is the Social Disorganization Theory that states that the most crimes are committed in low-income neighborhoods, whereas crime in high-income neighborhoods there is a relatively low crime rate. Crime has also been rated to be high among people from a certain culture, because of their ethics and virtues. How do Slavery, Caste and Class systems of social stratification differ? Slavery exists in contemporary societies in a mild form, but one that still casts the poor in brackets where they are made to work for minimum wages, and as much as the government laws do not classify it as slavery, in reality it still is (Henslin, 2012). In a majority of African countries, slavery and lowly paid labor exists, whereas in Asia, sexual slavery, where girls are forced into prostitution unwillingly is still slavery in its broadest dictionary. Human trafficking and violence against girls in a number of Asian is defined as contemporary slavery (Rodriguez, 2010). This differs from a caste system, since the stratification is not based on attributes. Even the beautiful Indians are still cast into slavery. A caste system puts people of certain origins and physical attributes as superior to people who lack these attributes. The greater form of a caste system is the issue of racism. A modern caste system also exists in the form of job preferences for people from certain races and not those from other races (Watson, 2010). This is a


Social Stratification Name Institution Abstract Social stratification occurs through a variety of means. One of the commonest ways through which social stratification occurs is through the seclusion of different classes. The social class stratification is one of the widest forms of social strata that exist…
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