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The first two paragraphs on the document acknowledge the importance of a government and the governance structure, which are instituted to protect the common interest of the people, which include unalienable rights such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of…
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The Modern World: Politics, Economics, Conflict
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The Modern World: Politics, Economics, and Conflict Introduction This present paper provide answer to questions that relate to the declaration of independence, bill of rights, rights of man, rights of woman, and the Robespierre’s justification of terror.
The declaration of independence
The first two paragraphs on the document acknowledge the importance of a government and the governance structure, which are instituted to protect the common interest of the people, which include unalienable rights such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The document affirmed the assertion in the writings by Tignor et al., that the government is the people and for the people. This is because, it has been stated that the people have the mandate of choosing those to govern them and even ejecting them from governing office if they fail to secure the basic rights of the people and ensure their happiness and safety (35).
Bill of Rights, Rights of Man, and Rights of Woman
Important similarities between the three documents
First, the three documents acknowledge the fact that lack of formal stipulation and acknowledgement of laws is the root cause of evils in the society or public calamities and corruption in the government. Collectively, these three documents prescribe the rights that citizens of both the United States and France are granted by the constitution, which is the supreme source of law. Thirdly, in both the three documents it has been noted that the basic foundation for formulating any law is that it should not infringe upon the right of the others.
Differences between the American and French version of these rights
To begin with, the U.S Bill of Rights were formulated and then enacted by both the Senate and House of Representative while the Rights of Man and Woman in France were formulated and enacted by the country’s National Assembly. Secondly, the U.S Bill of Rights covers the right of both man and woman while in the French version the rights of man and woman are covered separately. Thirdly, in the U.S version of rights, it is stated that powers, which have not be delegated to the U.S by the constitution and not prohibited to the States are reserved for the States or the people. However, the France version of Rights does not have such a provision.
The Robespierre’s Justification of Terror
Why Robespierre believe that the government needs to use terror tactics
Robespierre believes that the government should use terror in case the enemies within or outside the borders try to make the nation their prey by causing unnecessary revolution that only aim at destabilizing the stability of the country. Moreover, Robespierre believes that the government should use terror because it is an emanation of virtue and it is nothing other than justice in the general principle of democracy. In particular, Robespierre stated that terror should be used on royalist, and the conspirators who are regarded as enemies of the nation.
Contradiction of Robespierre’s ideas with the Declaration of the Rights of Man
Robespierre’s idea contradict with the ideas of the French Revolution that were put forth in the Declaration of the Rights of Man because the rebuke any form of uprising against the government and they suggest the use of terror on citizens who try to vehemently oppose and even overthrow the government. While the Rights of Man stipulate that, a man has the right to oppose and even eject a government that oppress his rights and fails to secure his safety and happiness.
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