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Social policy - Essay Example

Neo on the other hand means a new kind of concept/ liberalization. On this note, neo-liberalism is a new concept and has gained prominence from the last 25 years. The main aim of neo-liberalism is to create a laissez faire economy, free of governmental regulations (Sawyer and Arestis, 2004). Social democracy on the other hand refers to a political ideology whose main intention is to create a democratic socialism by using gradual and reformist methods. This is a policy that involves creating a welfare state, and initiating schemes that will encourage collective bargaining. It aims to achieve this objective through an evolutionary and peaceful transition of the country’s economy to socialism. This is by reforming capitalism, to ensure that the rich are not always the dominant players in an economy. Advocates of social democracy believe that the best system of governance is representative democracy. This type of democracy must occur under the rule of law (Eichengreen, 2012). It advocates for decision making processes to include aspects of economic democracy. On this basis, it guarantees all stakeholders of an economy equal rights and benefits, and this includes employees and employers. This type of democracy advocates for a mixed economy, and is against some aspects of capitalism, such as poverty, oppression and inequality. On this basis, social democracy rejects a laissez faire economy, as well as an economy that is totally controlled by the government (Sawyer and Arestis, 2004). Social democratic

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Social policy
The need is to understand how social work is derived from the usage of policy. This is because policy rules the roost under extreme measures and given support to the sociology basis. There is a dire need to know about policy because it the fundamental basis upon which social work rests.
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Social policy
The rules must be general in the sense that they are not aimed at the needs, wants, or activities of particular people. Rather, they should identify
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Social policy
The peculiarity of Britain is well seen in its imperialistic outlook and dominating spirit. The facts behind the industrial success and the reducing degree of materialism in the present years
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Social Policy
It has brought in a plethora of new issues and new challenges that need to be addressed urgently. People coming from diverse regions, races and cultures have brought in their own distinct personalities
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Social Policy
A well designed public health policy is essential for engendering a healthy society. This was realised by many countries of the West, which commenced to attach considerable
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Social policy
It may include healthcare, education, employment and more. One of the most important among these is the Welfare State that deals with the “state’s approach to welfare for a given economy” (Spicker, 2000, p.6). In this regard, a state may follow
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Social policy
To be a political philosophy, the frame of mind emphasizes respect, propagation of traditional corporations, government suspicion, political activism as well as
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Social policy
This reveals that the social workers have the scope of applying vast methods of social action in order to advocate the cause of discrimination and help the members of the community
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Social policy
Subsequently, studying this unit has equipped with the ability to study the differences in how men and women are affected and their reaction to factors such as health, the environment in which they live, among other variables (Romans &
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Social Policy
Social policy is concerned with goods acts for people. Social policy emphasis on the well-being of people as opposed to welfare, because well-being focuses on the current state rather than the future which is uncertain. The government should be at the forefront in designing a social policy that will ensure the lives of her people is of quality.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
policies include universal access to health care, education and employees compensation. Social democracy advocates for the formation of trade unions, and collective bargaining rights. Social democracy and neo-liberalism takes different approaches in explaining poverty. For example, Neo-Liberalism denotes that the causes of poverty emanates from a tighter control of the economy by the government. According to this theory, people are unable to get opportunities of making wealth, because the market is structured in a way that it is only the government that can acquire resources from it. Neo-Liberalists argue that some of the government services are not of high quality, as a result, the needs of people are not satisfied. On this basis, poverty will grow. To find poverty therefore, there is a need of de-regulating the economy, and providing equal chances of individuals to accumulate wealth. Through the deregulation of the economy, the government initiates measures that will help in increasing the profits of business men within an economy. This includes reducing of taxes, and removing trade barriers such as issuance of license fees, or payment of some minimum amount of money, for an individual to conduct trade. Neo-liberalists believe that this will help in creating job opportunities, hence reducing poverty. Neo-liberalism also eliminates the concept of the community, or the public good. According to neo-liberalism, it is important for the poor to find ways of eliminating their problems of housing, education and social security. Social democracy on the other hand denotes that poverty is cause by excessive deregulation of the economy by the government. According to social democrats, liberalism of the economy makes the rich to continue growing richer and the poor to continue growi


Neo Liberalism refers to an economics and social approach whereby the control of the factors of economics, is removed from the public sector, and taken to the private sector. According to neo-liberalism, the government ought to remove barriers of trade, reduce the spending deficits, remove exchange rates which are fixed, open up the markets, and institute privatize business organizations that are run by the government…
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Social policy
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