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Family Treatment Paper Abstract This paper aims to identify the most beneficial approaches and suitable strategies to respond to the specific family requirements, taking the example of my family structure and relationships. Correspondingly, community sources and issues, relevant cultural and socio-economic circumstances along with other pertinent information from a broader perspective have been considered in this paper…
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Social Work-Masters level Family Treatment paper
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Download file to see previous pages In this process, various ideas pertaining to a child's development and the aspects that can be related with the overall process of an individual development is determined and analyzed thereafter (Thomlison, 2010; Holman, 1983). Correspondingly, in this paper, the main idea will reflect upon the aspects of my family resilience assessment report. Thus, for the completion of this paper, an in depth assessment pertaining to the aspects of functioning in my family will be determined in a precise and formative manner. Description/Assessment of Family Raised by a single mother, since my father died in Vietnam, my family had to suffer many ups and downs. My mother is also dead now and I have two sisters. One of my sisters is divorced and has a child from her previous marriage, Tab, now settled with the second husband Keith. My other sister is also married but has no child yet. I am also a divorcee, following which I have no contact with my ex-wife and daughter. Currently, my nuclear family consists of my live-in girlfriend who is mother to three wonderful children. The belief system I have witnessed my entire childhood and during my teenage life was much women centric, which was somewhat inspired by the thought process of my mother who believed to be segregated and treated unfairly by the society without a specific or a valid reason. As per my understanding, gender segregation was prominent in my greater family. I also felt betrayed when my ex-wife secretly fled away with my biological daughter, whom I have never met since then. However, my grief of missing out raising my own daughter was healed to a great extent when I moved in with my live-in girlfriend, Debbie. Certainly, my life was not very much uniformed. A major part of my life, I had to experience loneliness and sadness, while it is now that I find hope in living with my girlfriend and her three daughters. Nature of the model that you have selected, including some of the specific techniques that you have selected In relation to the identified issues in my family, it is apparent that my family had to undergo a prolonged stage of family crisis, which seems to end now. To put it in a positive way, a strong reflection of an array of hope and determination to improve my family system can be observed. Thus, by way of analyzing the implications of these instances that my family had to witness, the family resilience model, with due consideration of the graveness of the problem, can be selected. Conceptually, the family resilience model develops its findings based on five pillars, viz., planning and control, perceived change in the family file, sharing experiences and knowledge, scrutinizing work status and assessing the family support network. In its worth mentioning that in clinical practice, resilience is referred to the “ability to withstand and rebound from disruptive life challenges” (Walsh, 2003, pp. 1). In accordance with the selected model, I considered taking the techniques of assessing the belief system in my family with the intention of evaluating the adversities and making meaning out of it as rationally as possible. It certainly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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