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Curriculum Analysis: Emergency Nursing in Diverse Population Name Institution Emergency Nursing in Diverse Population The St. John Ambulance Emergency response curriculum is one of the interesting courses to pursue in nursing. The course comprises providing service to patients on an emergency call…
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Curriculum Analysis: Emergency Nursing in Diverse Population
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Download file to see previous pages The curriculum is captivating due to the practical teaching strategies used that differ from traditional techniques of teaching. The changes that are expected in the nursing course should shift from the traditional pediatrics, maternity, mental and community health. The change should be towards health concepts that surround the longevity of life across the clinical divide (Giddens & Brady, 2007). The differentiations and upgrade of nursing should be conducted under didactic and clinical courses. This is so as to encompass a holistic and nonlinear approach to engaging the nursing students in a critical and all rounded approach to challenges that are present in the field. Nursing as a career encompasses classes for both old and new strategies developed in the medical field. Although, in most cases, the refresher courses are done on a fixed schedule, every once in a while there arises a need to have the nurses educated regarding a new nursing concept. Different institutions have a different approach to this teaching and different strategies are involved. St. John’s ambulance in an effort to provide the community with quality service incorporates a number of strategies in teaching the nurses and medical practitioners. As opposed to the continuing traditional teaching methods used in scholarly medical institutions, the organization incorporates the theory of constructivism to quickly and effectively teach new approaches to various challenges. The tutoring department is fairly simple in terms of organization. There is the head of the department, the assistant and secretary and the assigned tutors. Different tutors handle different areas of specification, thereby allowing the tutors the option of concentrating on specific areas. This is a fairly traditional approach to teaching, which has proven to work over the years. The constructivism theory is applied in teaching by engaging students in practical assignments and classes. One of the most popular forms of the curricula is the use of dummies in the Emergency response classes. This approach deviates from the use of theory and diagrams, or even computers in classes with regards to nursing. The use of human replicas in Emergency response classes give the student a firsthand experience in dealing with most Emergency response situations in which various educational instructions may be applied. The life like application of different strategies regarding various treatment methods allows the users the opportunity to perfect various theories that have been taught in the classroom environment. The Emergency response class covers different complications and intensities. The Emergency response class needs strategies in the areas of burns, sprains and fractures, falls, shock, chronic illnesses and all sorts of accident. The class must cover all the possible fields that may need Emergency response action. The module first covers the basics regarding the state of the patient. The first thing that the nursing crew should aid in is gathering information and analysis of the data. This shall be involved in making decisions regarding the best approach to a given condition of the patient. An introduction to the material that is available for Emergency response is another elemental topic in the introductory segments of the class. Getting used to the Emergency res ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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