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Gerontology - Term Paper Example

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Gerontology Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Gerontology is regarded as the scientific aging studies that investigate various aspects connected to old age and the aging process. The most common investigated factors or elements are the biological, sociological and mental elements that substantially get altered in the events of old age and the aging process (Hogstel, 2001)…
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Gerontology Term Paper
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Extract of sample "Gerontology"

Download file to see previous pages The sociological elements encompass issues such as individual relations with certain cultures, guidelines as well as aspects that bring or make the civilization appear in order. According to scholars in biological and related fields, aging process begins, immediately; an individual starts to live with the development of certain structures that do not appear before a person is born. During the aging progression, the bodies and mind commences developments until they reach a period that they are being considered mature (Hogstel, 2001). In the early years of growth and development of human beings, various factors affect the levels of development with regards to the bodily and mental developments. The factors that influence the way people develop both mentally and psychically include genetics, and other individual attributes, family backgrounds and other related factors. Correspondingly, the progression through the other levels of development such as adulthood gain much influences from individual health, mindsets and behaviors concerning various aspects of existence. Therefore, aging cannot be taken as a straightforward process restricted to bodily wellness and loss of healthiness. Aging can be considered an intricate procedure that is attributed to many factors including the individual and social elements. Over the years, the matter of aging has received much attention as evident with the augmenting edification of health and social workers concerning matters of aging. Similarly, research has been performed concerning the aging group thus presenting basis for understanding and dealing with matters associated with aging (Hogstel, 2001). The research conducted concerning aging assists health workers, and related professionals to manage or take care of individuals at the old age, and offering solutions to various problems that arise with old age. Recently, gerontological nursing has markedly acquired the needed thrust in the nursing discipline with the numerous cases of aging groups coupled with extensive research. In doing this, numerous challenges exhibited within the gerontology field can be effectively managed through acquisition of necessary information concerning this population (Hogstel, 2001). Nevertheless, the nursing sector had experienced problems in handling this component of the populace since little information and facilities to offer the services and trainings are available. In relation to nursing coupled with gerontology, various terms are exploited interchangeably in order to bring out the relations between the two concepts. According to nursing geriatric nursing is considered, a concept that concerns treatment old persons experiencing health problems. Geriatric nursing can also be attributed to the investigation of illnesses and other health problems that affect the old age, as well as, their subsequent analysis and treatment. In geriatric nursing, considerable emphasis is applied in the significance of social and psychological factors during the treatment of people experiencing various problems in their old age. According to geriatrics, the lifestyles exhibited by individuals at their old ages profoundly affects their health status implying that enhanced and monitored lifestyles can serve, as tools, to alleviate certain health problems (Hogstel, 2001). In contrast, gerontological ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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