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The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement - Research Proposal Example

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This work "The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement" describes the mental impact of retirement. From this work, it is clear about the limitation of the study, the main strategies, and problems that can occur. The author demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of this process. …
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The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement
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Extract of sample "The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement"

Download file to see previous pages As this is a secondary research study, which is descriptive in nature, the method used in gathering data is a survey of related research studies and related literature using the internet and online libraries. The result of the online research proved inadequate of materials pertaining to research studies focused on the direct correlation of retirement to mental health. Nevertheless, available related studies and literature proved sufficient enough to proceed with the research. Three hypothesized results are determined. These essentially revolve on the following areas of concern: (1) the consistent inconsistency of the mental impact of retirement, (2) the specific state of the retiree, and (3) the correlation of retirement on mental health.
The implication of the study shows the need for further research, specifically a focused research on the mental impact of retirement in a related line of works and a focussed-research on the impact of retirement on the specific areas of mental health. Another implication is the need for a personalized retirement plan to turn the challenges of retirement into an opportunity rather than a crisis. This calls for the professional intervention of health-care providers.
With old age normally comes the decline in physical and functional ability (Davies, 1998, p. 7) and inevitably in mental health – of which against the diverse yet limited definition of the term, MacDonald (2006) comprehensively denoted to cognitive, emotional and social well-being. The correlation of mental health with age has been proven by various researches. For example, Gottlieb (1995) confirmed that as one reaches old age, cognitive capacity generally declines which Siegler et al. (1996) noted most in ‘information processing, selective attention, and problem-solving ability’ (cited in, Goldman, Rye & Sirovatka, 1999, p. 337). Increased cognitive impairment is also observed in older people (National Statistics – Great Britain, 2003, p. 3). However, the individual’s lifestyle, psychosocial state (Gottlieb, 1995, cited in, Goldman, et al. 1999, p. 337), level of education, and income level (National Statistics – Great Britain, 2003, p. 3) spell the difference between individuals. On the other hand, Suthers, Saito, and Crimmins (2003) stated that as one reaches old age challenges to emotional well-being are in all likelihood multiply, such as the loss of love ones, decline in health, worsening physical infirmity, or change in social roles (p. 41).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement Research Proposal - 1, n.d.)
The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement Research Proposal - 1.
(The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement Research Proposal - 1)
The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement Research Proposal - 1.
“The Mental Impact of Transitioning from Working to Retirement Research Proposal - 1”.
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