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Critical Thinking: Ethics and Ethical Behavior Name: Institution: Police is a term used to describe a body of persons who are empowered by the law of the land they are operating in to enforce the law, maintain law and order and protect property. People who are recognized as police officers are required to be citizens of the particular country they are serving…
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Critical Thinking: Ethics and Ethical Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages The nature of police puts the police in conflict with the citizenry they are policing which puts a lot of pressure on the police officers. Police officers are people who are taken out of the community and trained in police work, which means that they are also susceptible to crime. Moral and ethical values should be the guiding principles behind police work, which makes the difference between a police officer and a citizen. Police officers are the first direct link between the law and justice system and the people. Police conduct is critical to the success of a county’s law and justice system in terms of the attitudes and perceptions that the citizenry harbors about the police. This paper seeks to discuss ethics and ethical behavior in police integrity and the impacts of these factors on the police force, the citizenry and the justice system of a country or state. Ethics can be described as notions that individuals harbor with regard to what is right or wrong in every aspect of life (IACP, 2013). Ethics is based on morals that people hold in their minds and manifested in their behavior and actions towards different aspects of their lives. Police work and the law that police work seeks to promote and enforce is based on ethics and morality of a society. Thus, this means that police work should be guided by ethical practices and moral considerations that reflect what is enshrined in the law and justice that police work serves. Ethics dictate people’s behavior towards one another and other aspects of their lives like the environment, which all gets back to doing what is right or wrong, evil or good for the benefit of humankind. Police work requires sound ethical practices and firm moral foundations for its officers. This is to ensure that their service to the citizenry is geared towards execution of justice based on the practices in the service. Integrity of the police becomes a key issue when considering the attitude of the citizenry towards the entire justice system. The police represent the primary contact between the community and the justice system and their conduct is vital to the effectiveness of a country’s justice system. Unethical and immoral behavior among police officers can largely be defined as attitudes and acts that do not reflect the general requirements of law enforcement and justice dispensation as defined by those laws. Unethical police practices are those aspects of behavior, attitudes and perceptions that go against the spirit and common need to maintain law and order (IACP, 2013). Unethical police behavior is one that does not reflect or adhere to the statutes in the law that gives police officers powers to conduct their business. There are various attitudes and practices in the police that are regarded as unethical and immoral. Corruption, discrimination and misuse of powers bestowed upon police officers to dispense justice by enforcing law and order are some of the serious unethical practices by police officers. Corruption is the most debilitating and unethical practice that is engaged in by police officers and undermines their solemn duty to enforce the rule of law. Corruption by police officers endangers the lives and property of those they are supposed to protect. Corruption undermines efforts made by criminal justice systems to dispense justice to the people. Corruption in the police force is facilitated by erosion of ethics and morals that guide police ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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