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Business Organizational Journal - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Strategic Management In APA Format Executive Summary: A lot of changes can be incorporated into Methodist healthcare to make it a better organization than it currently is; this module has taught us several important aspects. Leadership was taught in the first week and every employee should have leadership abilities to be really able to contribute towards the organization, modern day organizations require several leaders to be really able to compete against other forces…
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Business Organizational Journal
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Download file to see previous pages Methodist healthcare should facilitate team work to be really able to compete and sustain, team work facilitates growth and prosperity, this is why almost all the organizations strongly recommend working in teams rather than working as individuals. Motivation is another factor which every organization must work upon, without motivation employees would find it hard to deliver their best and this is why the best organizations think out of the box to keep their employees motivated. The employees of Methodist healthcare must remain motivated to be really able to deliver the goods. A clear communication structure must also be established in Methodist healthcare so that there is no misunderstanding, a clear communication structure facilitates growth and it is extremely important. Methodist healthcare must incorporate all these important factors only then will it be able to grow. Week 1: Leadership Methodist healthcare is desperately in need of leaders who can lead from the front and motivate others too. ...
Pumping in young blood in the organization will redefine its goals and make the organization better. The new leaders should be chosen by the current leaders; the current leaders have an eye for talent but have time and again failed to motivate the employees and as a result of which Methodist healthcare has not been doing too well. “Good leaders are made not born. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience.” (Concepts of Leadership) Methodist healthcare would function so much better should the new leaders be appointed, the current leaders should appoint new leaders who can motivate the entire team and set an example, this is quite difficult and requires a lot of hard work and the right vision. Week 2: Teams/Groups/Conflict: The employees of Methodist healthcare must understand that working in teams would enhance their productivity and the organization would benefit from the same but at the same time the employees should also keep different conflicts which may occur in mind. Clarity is essential to avoid conflicts and clarity can only be defined and set by leaders. Each employee must have clear-cut directions to be really able to perform well. Working in teams is always good and all the top organizations instill this essential quality in all their employees. Week 3: Motivation: Working in teams is not enough, working with motivation is really important. Several employees of Methodist healthcare lack motivation. There are several ways of motivating the employees, praising them for performing well is perhaps the best way of motivating them. Giving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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