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What Causes People to Steal - Essay Example

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The behavior of stealing is one of the most persistent and urgent crimes prevailing in the community and seems to be at constant increase. Stealing can be explained as taking of anything or being in possession of things that belong to someone else without their permission…
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What Causes People to Steal
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What Causes People to Steal

Download file to see previous pages... It is at times conceived to be common behavior in young people. Furthermore, stealing is unlawful, immoral and executing such activities drives for legal action. Stealing is a social problem, which has widespread impact on the community and the future generation. Thus, it is crucial to identify the reasons that contribute towards developing the behavior of stealing among the people (Jackson & Haines, 1980). This paper intends to discuss and answer the question, “What Causes People to Steal?”
The three major sociological concepts/theories have been applied for analyzing the causes that makes people to steal. The aforementioned sociological concepts and theories comprises of strain theory, social learning theory and self-control theory. These theories are applied in order to explore the reasons behind the intention of stealing among the young people. According to strain theory, people become inclined to commit criminal activities.re owing to the factors such as stress, strain and being upset that they experience in their lives. Correspondingly, people develop the behavior of stealing due to their inability to meet monetary goals or other objectives through legitimate avenues.
Essentially, such inability of people lead towards the creation of frustration among them, which likely motivates people to seek alternative ways to meet the monetary or any other requirements. As a result people get engaged in illegal and anti-social activity of stealing. Moreover, the theory also revealed that experiences of people such as low level of aspirations and expectations often motivate people to involve in illegal activity of stealing. The theory also postulates the mixed relationship between stratification measures including education, income, unemployment and crime (Baron, 2009). Social learning theory stresses that people learns by observing others. The theory argued that people develops emotions, habits and behaviors by modeling other people. According to this theory, people become involved in criminal activities through their association with others. Subsequently, people are motivated for crime as they acquire beliefs that encourage crime due to the exposure of criminal models. As a consequence, people view crime as something that is appropriate and least reasonable in certain circumstances. The theory claims that friends, relatives and family members have radical impacts on what an individual learns. In other words, the theory stresses that association with delinquent people often causes other people to engage in criminal activities like stealing (Akers, 1990). According to self-control theory people are engaged in revealing self-indulgent behavior simply because it gratifies them. Furthermore, engaging in such behavior often leads towards criminal activity. For instance a person may steal a car for a nominal reason of joy riding. The theory argues that people having low self-control often have high tendency to get involved in criminal activities. Responsively, people with low self-control have diminish ability to refrain themselves from self-indulged behaviors. In addition, the theory also propagates that people with low self-control ability are risk -takers, selfish, impulsive and non-verbal who tends to harm others for their pleasure and enjoyment (Tittle, Ward & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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