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The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters that Have Occurred since 1800 - Coursework Example

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This coursework "The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters that Have Occurred since 1800" describes such disasters as Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster, Boston Molasses Disaster, Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, and their main reasons. …
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The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters that Have Occurred since 1800
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Extract of sample "The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters that Have Occurred since 1800"

Download file to see previous pages The analysis will sample three major disasters and apply them as inferences to the development of the answer to the question of the root causes of the major engineering disasters that have occurred since 1800.
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster -1940 refers to an engineering disaster that occurred in the state of Washington when one of the most modern suspension bridges of the time collapsed (Karman, 1963). The bridge had only been opened to the traffic just four months before its collapse, despite the fact that the features of the bridge had been designed such that it would last for many years without a possible collapse or even need for repairs. Owing to the fact that the Tacoma suspension bridge was the third-most longest suspension bridge in the world, and the most modern bridge constructed using the contemporary engineering designs of the time. Thus, its collapse resulted in major studies in the field of bridge construction, which have subsequently influenced the modern design of different bridges worldwide (Scot, 2001).
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge had shown signs of identifiable problems since its construction, although the problems were not identifiable in its engineering design, but a problem of considerable vertical oscillations that the bridge experienced during the initial stages of its construction (Scot, 2001). Consequently, some measures were adopted, which included the attachment of tie-down cables to girders, the addition of a pair of inclined cable stays and installing the hydraulic buffers between the floor deck and the towers, to further stabilize the bridge (Leon & Lienhard, 1993). Professor Burt from the University of Washington was hired to undertake a study and recommend the appropriate measure that needed to be undertaken to reduce the oscillations. He undertook a study and completed it by presenting two major solutions on November 2, 1940, but the bridge collapsed just five days after the recommendations were presented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters that Have Occurred Coursework.
(The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters That Have Occurred Coursework)
The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters That Have Occurred Coursework.
“The Root Causes of Major Engineering Disasters That Have Occurred Coursework”.
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