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Drinking behaviour between male and female, a research done at montana's bar saskatoon - Essay Example

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Drinking behavior between male and female, a research done at Montana’s bar Saskatoon Introduction It can be stated that drinking behavior varies among different people belonging from different background, class and income levels. The paper will try to analyze the different drinking behavior of men and women belonging to different classes in the society…
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Drinking behaviour between male and female, a research done at montanas bar saskatoon
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Download file to see previous pages Major objective of the study is to find out the differences and similarities of drinking behavior of men and women considering four different groups, such as women leaders and men followers, women from middle class families and men from working class families, women students from the city and men student from the farming community and waitress in expensive restaurants and waiters in the low priced restaurants. Comparison between two types of people Participant Observation The observations have been collected through the “Passive Participation Observation” process in which the observer or the researcher maintained the bystander role. The observation process has been implemented for four different groups. First Group: Women leaders and Men followers The observed first group in the Saskatoon bar of Montana consists of two women leaders and two men followers. The entire group comes to this bar in every three months to discuss about several business activities, such as next cycle target and performance improvement. The women leaders generally try to motivate their male followers through this interaction process so as to make a mark through their performances. During their discussion the women leaders continuously opposed the concept of defensive strategy implementation. On the other hand, the male followers show their interest in offensive strategy implementation. They had one similarity that they denied the further consumption of beers and wines after getting high in order to maintain professional relationship. Second Group: Middle Class Women and Working Class Men Middle class women preferred expensive wine with chicken sauces in order to maintain their status in the society. On the other hand, working class men tries to consume low priced wines. The working class men generally come to this bar to reduce their work stress and frustration level. Both of these groups try to consume less alcoholic beverages due to high price of drinks. Third Group: Female City Students and Male Farming Community Student The female students come to the Saskatoon bar of Montana as they love to party and hang around with each other. They frequently visit this bar. On the other hand, the male students from the farming community do not visit this bar regularly. The female students visit regularly but consume less alcoholic drinks (Tseng, 2001). On the other hand, male students from farming community rarely visit the bar as they prefer to drink in home or outside the bar due to high price of the drinks here. Only similarity between the two groups is that they always prefer low priced drinks due to their limited pocket money. Fourth Group: Expensive restaurants’ Waitress and Low priced restaurants’ Waiter The waitress of the expensive restaurants and waiters of the low priced restaurants visit this Saskatoon bar of Montana during the dull season. It is the only similarity between the people of two groups. The waitress of expensive restaurants always prefers premium wines. On the other hand, the waiter of the low priced restaurants prefers low priced hard drinks. The restaurants generally provide the incentives or bills to their waiters and waitresses on yearly basis. Analysis of Field Survey An open ended questionnaire has been prepared for the in-depth interview process. Two people from each group have participated in the interview process ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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