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Functionalist theory of sociology - Essay Example

In accordance to this theory, every individual in the society, regardless of their social station in life, have a positive contribution to life and also depends on all the other people to survive. This theory can be seen at work with most of the technologies advertised by AT&T in the video clip. One such technology is the smartcard technology which allows people to access their money anywhere in the world. In the advertisement (AT&T 0 min 37 sec), it says “have you ever paid a toll without having to slow down and then shows an individual swipe a Smartcard?” This technology is a network of money transfer services and the only way it can work is when used by many people of all works. Based on the fact that smartcard technology depends on as many people as possible using it to be effective, a sociologists who subscribes to the functionalist theory would argue that the technology explains functionalist theory. It is also good to note that apart from the smartcard depending on the many people of all walks of life using it, it also depends on so many technologies which are not directly related to banking. These many technologies such as internet, satellite and computers, work together to enable the smartcard technology and therefore this is also supportive of the functionalist theory. All these technologies are also developed by different people most of whom don’t even know each other.

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Structural Functionalist and Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives in Sociology
Sometimes such approaches attempt to subscribe to concrete interpretations, while at other times they prefer to amount to sweeping generalizations. In other words, sociologists try to analyze and interpret society and social phenomenon at all levels, right from the specific events affiliated to a micro level analysis of small social patterns, to the larger pictures subservient to a macro analysis of much bigger patterns existing in societies.
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Marxist/ Neo-Marxist Feminism and Functionalism in Historical and Contemporary Understanding of Societies
The common preferences of the people influence these rules of conduct in the same way that those, in turn, influence the behavior of the people. Social structures govern social life. Although it is not visible, its influence is noticeable in the traditions, behavior, and cultures of the society (Jones, 2003, p.7).
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The Functionalist School of Criminology
Introduction The functionalist school of criminology is the branch of sociology that deals with the functionalist perspective (also functionalism), which is one of the main theoretical perspectives of sociology. This theoretical perspective derives its origin from the works of one Emile Durkheim, a sociology who had much interest in finding out how social order is achievable, and how to achieve social stability.
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Functionalist theory
In order to make this studying even more understandable a brief description of functionalist theory is highlighted in this article.Plus, It's highly shedding light on how society perceived poor people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs and how differently rich people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are viewed in society as compare to low class.
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Sociology american family life now vs family life in 1950s
In line with this, a comparative analysis using a functionalist perspective will be conducted to determine how the American family was depicted in 1950s
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For sociologists, the society evolves in different manners which cannot be explained by one paradigm alone. This is the reason why scholars develop different perspectives in
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Functionalist, Conflict, & Interactionist Views
Latent, manifesto functions and dysfunctions are distinguished under functionalist perspective. Manifesto encompass functions that are apparent for instance
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Through this, theories are developed in order to better understand the social dynamics and social forces at play throughout our daily lives. Whether it is an event, such as Industrial
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Henry Cort developed the puddling system, wherein coke (a derivative of coal) was used to remove impurities in pig iron, which resulted to high-quality iron that was used to produce new machines. These machines subsequently
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Functionalist theory of sociology posits that society is made of functional parts which depend on each other. Functionalist theory argues that the society acts as one big organism which act collectively to achieve the common goal …
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Functionalist theory of sociology
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