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Hypocrisy in America - Term Paper Example

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The author states that racism discrimination is a phenomenon being applied in the United States with no signs of abandoning it. Blacks are highly valued and termed as productive, economically, but in the real sense, their efforts and contribution are surrounded by the hypocrisy of inequality…
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Hypocrisy in America
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Download file to see previous pages Racial discrimination in the United States has been practiced from the era of colonization. The most affected were African Americans, Latin Americans, and Asian Americans. These groups had no right to vote, acquire land, quality education and employment opportunities. From 1830s, Americans have been trying to abolish racial discrimination since abolishment of slavery and incorporating slaves as American citizens. The formation of abolitionist movement called for immediate reforms in political, social and economic sectors. Majority of Americans had and are still having a literal understanding of Declaration for Independence. Though with clear understanding that all human beings were created equally by God (Jackson and Weidman, 2004), Americans are still denying blacks their rights. Even with many abolitionists fighting for equality, majority of them believed that blacks are not rationally the same to whites. Jefferson, one of the abolitionists did not believe in equality in rational competence, but by the principle that all human beings were created equally. This was basically the Christian teachings since Christianity is against oppression of the weak. It is clear that there is hypocrisy in the American dream since they are not living according to it. The values of equality are not fully practiced as there are many conflicts for people fighting for equal treatment and fairness. Racial hypocrisy in the US is progressing from politics to institutions (Greenwald, 2008). Many institutions are not practicing democracy; instead, they pretend to have equality in many things. It is so ironical that, when Americans were fighting against Aryan superiority on matters relating to state-sanctioned principles, they segregated African American militaries yet they fought against racism. In the 20th century, the Americans forbidden formal racial discrimination as it is immoral and socially offensive. This did not end; instead, it took other modern ways like racial stratification, Symbolic racism and social class among many others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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