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Education in a Changing Society (Name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Date) Education in a Changing Society Introduction Students’ failure in their college and university education has risen in the previous years. This has raised an alarm leading to institutions and the governments investing in researches and studies that will help come up with causes and solutions to student failure…
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Education in a Changing Society-Criticle Paper
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Education in a Changing Society al Affiliation) Education in a Changing Society Introduction failure in their college and university education has risen in the previous years. This has raised an alarm leading to institutions and the governments investing in researches and studies that will help come up with causes and solutions to student failure. According to research results, more than 300,000 students fail in their college studies in the United States of America. Their failures may be caused by a variety of factors ranging from emotional, social, economic status, political, environmental, family problems and health problems among the students (Martin, 2010). Students’ failure has been a social issue since this failures’ education have to be accounted for in the society. Rise in these cases has led to increase in social ills such as crime, prostitution, drug abuse, and robbery among others. This has motivated the governments to fund researches and projects that will help lower the number of student failures and non-performers. The essay will include theoretical backgrounds and research explaining the cause of failure schools. It will also offer a conclusion that will summarize the research project. Interviews and researches will be carried out of students, teachers, and parents to provide a broader understanding. Theoretical background One of the well-known theories that elaborate on students’ failure is the attribution theory. This theory incorporates two other theories namely Self-efficacy theory and the Cognitive theory. The theory strongly emphasizes on self-motivation as a key factor as a cause of failure. A student’s current self-motivation will reflect on his/her success or failure in future. However, there are some behaviors that may not support an individual’s motivation. This leads to some of the assumptions of the theory. They include the following; based on factors, an individual’s success or failure may be internal or external, stable or unstable, and controllable and uncontrollable. This second part of the paper will deal with the efforts made by the government and various institutions in the society to understand the problem of student failure. According to, most schools have carried out research on their students to come up with reasons as to why some students fail while others pass. For example, the Colorado Department of Education has carried out some of these researches and has come up with a data center that explains the growth of the school through its performances. An individual’s performance reflects to the performance of the school at large hence the problems should be understood at the root levels. The growth of schools depends on the rate of student competition. This is because competition is what motivates most of the students apart from self-confidence. To have a competitive society, education is put to test since the type of graduates depends on the type of education offered. This explains why the government has introduced my programs in middle and high school that will help provide competitive graduates. The third part will elaborate in the problems that cause most students to fail in their college and university education. One of the main reasons as to why students fail is lack of help or information that would help them on the choice of courses or a major or minor of a course. Over ambition may lead to a student’s misappropriated choice of field of study. Peer pressure may also lead to choice of a wrong course. This later leads to bad performance of the units later leading to failure of the student. The solution to this problem is to provide students with the right knowledge that will help them choose the right field of study. Psychological problems may also cause interference to the student while studying. They may be caused by problems at home, lack of a career goal, lack of school fees by the parents and unfriendly relationships with other students such as bullying (Connell, 2010). Guidance and counseling may be a solution to this problem where the student is advised o what to do in case he/she faces such an encounter. In appropriate study, methods may also cause failure in education. These may include passive learning and cramming instead of understanding the notes. This may cause unproductive anxiety during exams. A student is always advised to choose the right school so that he/she can be able to blend in and become competitive (Heiskanen, 1994). According to, there are a total of 1144 elementary schools, 591 middle schools, and 473 high schools in Colorado. This shows a wide variety of schools from which a student can choose. Conclusion Policy makers, both in the governments and schools, have contributed a lot to reduce the number of nonperforming students through passing of laws that promote success. Students have been motivated through prizes, job opportunities, and scholarships to help their competitiveness. References Connell, R. (2010). Education, change & society (2nd ed.). South Mlbourne, Vic.: Oxford University Press. Heiskanen, A. (1994). Issues and factors affecting the success and failure of a student record system development process: A longitudinal investigation based on reflection-in-action.. Helsinki: University of Helsinki. EDP Office. Offices of the Rector. Martin, A. (2010). Building classroom success: eliminating academic fear and failure. London: Continuum International Pub. Group SchoolVIEW - District & School Performance. (n.d.). - Changing ConversationsA® about school performance. Retrieved September 30, 2013, from Read More
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