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Critique/Analyze how your Social work values clash/impact on your duties as a child safety officer in regard to the best interes - Essay Example

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A child safety officer who has been trained as a social worker has to follow a code of ethics which is essential for his day to day work and without whose guidance it would be difficult for him to conduct his duties to a satisfactory level. The code of ethics that is followed is a document crafted by the social workers of Australia to act as a guide as well as a means of assisting them to achieve their professional goals and while this may be helpful for a child officer who has received social work training, it may also be a source of conflict when conducting his work…
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Critique/Analyze how your Social work values clash/impact on your duties as a child safety officer in regard to the best interes
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Download file to see previous pages The first of these values is that all the social workers have to ensure that they have respect for all the individuals with whom they come into contact because they have to assume a neutral stance when dealing with the general public. The child officer has to have the realisation that each and every human being is not only of importance but also only one of its kinds and that all the people that the social workers deal with have a right toself-determination and to have their well-being protected. The second core value of the social workers of Australia is that they have the duty of ensuring the promotion of fairness and social justice in the societies within which they work and that have to make special provisions for those people who have been marginalised by the mainstream society. The child officer has the duty of encouraging and being advocates for societal change and by doing so, they will be able to eliminate the oppression of the marginalised in society since it is the latter that tend to be mostly vulnerable. The third, and final, core value is that these social workers have the responsibility of displaying integrity in their profession (Australian Association of Social Workers, 2010). This requires that the child officer displays such values as truthfulness, precision, dependability, empathy, sensitivity, competence and dedication. The development of this core value by any child officer is aimed at helping him display professional conduct, so that he can be able to act with dignity and commitment not only for their own development as professionals but also for the development of their own communities for the better. A child safety officer tends to have many responsibilities especially towards those children who are within what can be considered to be their jurisdiction and the fulfilment of these duties may at times prove to be difficult. Child officers have to perform their tasks in the most professional way that they can so that they can achieve efficiency in their work. When dealing with children, they have to provide counselling and any means of support that they can when these children are going through a crisis that may have come about because of such instances as death, an illness, or when there has been a breakdown in the relationship of their parents (Hewitt, 2010).It is the responsibility of a child safety officer to ensure that the members of society are aware of the services that can assist them when dealing with their children or when they observe that a child is undergoing a problem which may need intervention (Zmora, 2012). When dealing with their clients, child safety officers have been mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that they have provided letters of referral or reports that will help these clients obtain services such as crisis accommodation or social security benefits that are open to them (Barker &Hodes, 2007). One of the means through which a child protection officer can be able to gain success ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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