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Social Work Perspective in Mental Health Name: Institution : Course: Tutor: Date: Social construct of mental health Mental illness has been identified as a socially constructed illness due to several reasons that have been brought forward, some of those reasons include the following; one is that mental illnesses are considered as socially undesirable behaviours…
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Social work perspective within Mental health
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"Social work perspective within Mental health"

Download file to see previous pages Putting the mad people and those considered to have other mental challenges in these facilities was used as a tool for social control and maintaining order in the society since individuals were taken there to be moulded into individuals who could be accepted back into the community (Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) 2008, p22). In the recent past the occurrence of ADHD has increased and what is considered as ‘normal’ in childhood behaviour is controlled by health experts such as psychiatrists and psychologists by defining what is socially acceptable and what is not socially acceptable. The terms that are associated with mental orders such as crazy, mad, mentally ill, mentally challenged, bonkers, coo-coo-bananas and demented are nowadays used as casual insults rather than medical terms. Models of mental health Individuals are characterized as mentally ill depending on two elements; one of the elements is feeling, which refers to the levels of psychic distress and pain that an individual with mental illnesses experience, the second element is the functionality, which refers to the capacity or lack of it to coordinate resources in a desired or adaptive way. Using these elements, there are four models of mental health that can be derived from them. The first model is the of mental health is the spiritual perspective; since long ago, the consciousness and normal behaviour of an individual has been linked with a supernatural powers, religious forces have explained that there are bad and good forces in the world. Suffering from mental health disorders has been associated with being possessed by the evil forces or falling out of favour with the good forces. This usually happens as a result of an individual committing sin or a morally wrong action. Using this model to treat mental health cases, social workers try to use the religious expectations in treating a client, this may involve them advising the client to maintain morality and avoid cases of sin, which may have caused the mental disturbances (Bailey, 2012, p91). The second model that can be used to explain mental health disorders is the moral character; the moral character perspective has mainly been adopted from the Greek philosophers; this perspective is based on the notion that the society expects an individual to develop certain virtues failure to which he is considered as having some mental challenges. For instance, a society expects that an individual should have virtues such as courage, honesty, integrity and fortitude among other virtues, therefore, if an individual lacks all or some of these virtues, he may be considered to have some mental health challenges. Approach to such a case among mental health social workers will mainly involve working with the client to develop the virtues that the society expects him to have, in addition, the social health workers may work with the family to avoid stigmatization of the individual, which may discourage him from attempting to develop the virtues (Renouf & Bland, 2005, p428). The third model of mental health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Work Role and Values in Working with Adults within Mental Health Services
The mission of the social work occupation in mental health services is based on key values. These values are accepted by social workers in general as they act as a yardstick for purpose and perspective in their line of work. The profession is founded on respect for the inherent dignity of all people as stipulated in the United Nations stipulations.
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Social Work Perspective within a Mental Health Role
This report presents a visionary perspective on the contribution of social work in mental health services. The visionary outlook is developed from an analysis of the current roles of social workers, as well as the changing opportunities available to the social work guided role play in the practice of community-based mental health service delivery.
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It was during this time where it became understood that many problems associated with mental disorders were a product of biology. This, therefore, created a new type of treatment involving inherent factors in the patient. As the world become more sophisticated and knowledgeable about mental disorders, the Mental Health Act of 1983 set new limitations on the human treatment of patients and brought about a positive change with the use of a social worker who maintained the skills necessary to identify the root causes of mental disorders.
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It is imperative that the ASW is placed in a position that he/she is able to work without institutional pressures when making decisions. Without this independent status, the holistic and non-medical perspective would not be a part of such a potentially life changing decision and or event (Mind Information 2005).
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ome of the statutory changes: Approved Social Workers (ASW) to be replaced by Approved Mental Health Practitioners (AMHP), accepting service user’s experience as a significant and valid testimony, understanding mental life with an emphasis on the future: coping, recovery and
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This is as a multidimensional system acknowledging the social, psychological and physical components, (including sense of belonging and a support network), promoting reflection on what it really means to be socially included. It is the maximum integration of people with mental health difficulties into the general community that entitles them to equal opportunities and responsibilities that are available in the society (Boutillier and Croucher, p 136).
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Mental health in general is a practice that priotizes improvement in mental health and achievement of equity in the entire world for all persons. A disorder occurs
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