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Theory of sociology - Book Report/Review Example

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Theory of Sociology QUESTION 1 Functionalist theory is recognized to be one of the major theoretical perspectives related to the field of sociology. It is regarded as the process through which specific functions are determined that need to be performed. In addition, various ways are recognized through which a society is organized and put in order…
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Theory of sociology
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Download file to see previous pages In accordance with the examination, it is observed that the aspects of functionalist theory did not seem to exist too much in the context of the chapter. Moreover, it is noticed that in most of the urban schools in the United States of America (USA), a large number of minorities’ educational needs were taken care of. Most of these schools were named after various renowned leaders which the students studying in these particular schools were not much aware of. These aspects certainly prove that the school authorities were unable to exercise proper functionalist theory as they were not able to bestow proper awareness to the students about such a significant aspect (Kozol 1-70). QUESTION 2 Conflict theory is also determined as one of the major constituents in the field of sociology. This theory largely emphasizes certain imperative aspects such as material inequality, social and political inequality of a particular social group. The principles of conflict theory largely correlate with creating a differentiation amid individuals on the basis of class, race, color, creed and social along with political backgrounds among other broad aspects in a society. This theory seems to arise at the time when there are variances in the thoughts of dissimilar individual groups who seem to live in the same society. In addition, conflict theory also emerges with the increasing rate of corruption occurring in the society. The instances of inequality that prevail in a society act as a critical determinant for the rising prominence of this theory (Budrys 1-70). Chapter 2 of the book i.e. ‘The Shame of the Nation ‘primarily highlighted the increasing amount of corruption that had taken place in the educational system which had resulted in imposing all-round negative impacts. Jonathan Kozol largely emphasized the fact that children often become the victim of biasness and are also not provided equal opportunities in terms of the basic values of education. He also laid primary stress on those factors that eventually intensify the occurrence of corruption within the educational system and the entire society. In this regard, Kozol identified the activities performed by the rich and the wealthy citizens as one of the crucial factors. Kozol emphasized that an increasing rate of corruption in the educational front can lead to a high amount of degradation of the students belonging to poor families. Consequently, these grave instances can put the educational system of the United States in jeopardy (Kozol 1-70). QUESTION 3 With regard to the analysis of both the theories i.e. functionalist and conflict theory, it can be inferred that both these theories have equal importance in the context of a society and in the overall context of sociology as well. Both the theories strongly encompass diverse human behaviors and psychologies that relate to positive along with negative instances that create an impact on the society at large (Kozol 1-70). Both the above discussed theories have their own importance in the societal context. For instance, if functionalist theory is not applied in schools then it will not give rise to proper awareness pertaining to the management and the authoritative figures that are associated with the schools. Therefore, this particular is quite important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theory of Sociology Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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