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The American Class System - Essay Example

These treatments that immigrants receive in America led to the split of the citizen based on ethnic background. Presently, the citizens split themselves into groups based on the level of income, gender, race, education background, and parental status among others. Different groups view the class system differently, but the views of women, people of color, and those with nontraditional gender orientation are more significant; these groups suffer the consequences of the classification more than others. Women’s views about the Class system The views of women in the United States vary according to their color. The white women view the class system from the perspective of upper, middle, and low income levels (Kendall, 2011). The upper class consists of those who earn high incomes and own numerous resources. The middle class are those who earn income that is sufficient for their basic needs, but they control fewer resources than the upper class. Low-income groups, on the other hand, are those who earn little income such that they cannot satisfy their basic needs. White women associate themselves with the upper class because they are employed in well-paying jobs. This group considers black women to be lower income earners in the society (Adair, 2011). Black women, on the other hand, view the class system as based on color and ethnicity. These women view the class system as discriminatory because they are the victims, and as a result, they are employed mostly in low-paying jobs. Black women secure

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Social stratification arose due to obvious differences noted between people. These divisions, however, were not contained to the British Empire. The class system of social divisions evolved and spread all over the world, with different benchmarks set for class distinctions.
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American labor system
They sell their services and loyalities to their employers expecting wages, shelter and the acknowledgement of few other basic rights in return (Gould, 1996). A labor community comprises of a big portion of a social class consisting of those who do physical and manual work for salary.
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American Medical System (Is or not) broken
Simply put, there is a tremendous rise in the cost that most American people cannot afford. This implies that both the companies and individuals are having a hard time trying to afford the ever-rising cost of health care. Moreover, the numbers of individuals and companies that are uninsured are on the rise, Insurance companies are in a profit-making spree at the expense of the people.
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Through time this has become consolidated into what Swedish author Gunnar Myrdal has coined as the “American Creed” – a belief in the essential dignity of all human beings and their inalienable right to democracy, liberty and equal opportunity. This creed has become the principle behind American government policies and programs both national and international.
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The End of the Great American School System
Her date of birth is recorded as being in 1938. She received her PhD in the history of education from the University of Columbia. In most of her works, she is a prominent critic of the conventional ways through which school teachers are held accountable. In addition, she was against the idea of having public schools being replaced with the trendy charter schools.
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Class System in Australia
Because of this persistent interest in Australia, there have been immense debates in the media, organizations, and within the public over the existence of class systems in Australia. Many sociologists and some philosophers have come up with variant theories and studies explaining the causes, existence, and effects of class systems in different societies.
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Military Tribunals and the American Court System
Countries and armies define what conduct is unacceptable to their cause and create vehicles for prosecution of the transgressors. Historically these rules were aimed at discouraging cooperation with the enemy, spying, or comforting the enemy. Modern warfare has extended the rules to include cowardice, dereliction of battlefield duty, mutiny, and desertion.
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Class Grading System
Assignments: Assignments shall be given through out the semester/term, and graded out of 10. For each 5 assignments, best 4 shall be chosen for instance if 10 assignments are assigned then 8 best (individual scores) would be counted towards the final calculations.
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The Social Class system is alive and well.Discuss
Many of the Western countries including UK and United States have been making inadequate attempts to rub away the social class
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Whats wrong with the American School system
The schools we saw almost forty years ago are still the same with no significant change or improvements throughout these years. In order to understand the causes of the problems American schools face, it is better to look behind the scenes and
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more jobs in the public sector, which compensates workers with low incomes (Kendall, 2011).Black women may have higher capabilities than the whites, but their color hinders them from owning resources and earning high incomes. (Kendall, 2011). Women of other ethnicities that are not American also view their status as based on their ethnic background. This indicates that women other than whites view the class system as discriminatory on the basis of color and ethnic background. The whites judge women of color based on their ethnic background rather than their views, strengths, and abilities. As a result, these women accept lowly paid jobs, and they work for the white class in the society; despite their capabilities. Class views from the Perspective of People of Color People of color refer to men and women who are not white in the United States. These groups of people are referred to as the minority because their population is lower than that of the white people. People of color view the class system as based on race and geographical background. The fact that they are known as minority groups stimulates them to think that they are a minority in all other aspects (Adair, 2011). People of color recount their discrimination from the revolutionary period when they received harsh treatment. People of color take up lowly paid jobs, they live in regions associated with the poor, and they struggle to catch the attention of the whites. This group feels inferior because they do not enjoy the privilege of being white (Kendall, 2011). People of color in the United States view their characteristics as inborn, and they cannot escape from the class system because their color distinguishes them from whites. Views of Nontraditional Gender orientation This is the group of people who believe that marriage may be between same sexes instead of different genders. The group includes lesbian and


The class system in America originates from the revolutionary period when slaves from Asia and Africa were brought to work in the country. …
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The American Class System
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