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This essay, African-American Culture and Reconstruction in America, talks about the African American culture which found in the United States typically includes the various forms of cultural traditions in connection with the African ethnic groups. It is partly the American culture but distinct from it. …
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African-American Culture and Reconstruction in America
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African- American culture and reconstruction in America The African American culture found in the United s typically includes the various forms of cultural traditions in connection with the African ethnic groups. It is partly the American culture but distinct from it. Despite restrictions on the African culture practice in America, the cultural practices, and traditions as well as values and beliefs survived the threats and restrictions. The surviving values beliefs and systems were incorporated into the European American culture (Gates 12). So many aspects came as a result of slavery, and many facets were incorporated in the African American culture such as the ways of communication like drumming to signal individuals as a community identity. The African American culture continued to thrive in America and kept on growing. Despite the persistence of African American culture in the Europe it took time to incorporate it, therefore, has become a very vital part of the American culture, yet remaining distinctively apart from the American culture. The paper focuses on African American culture in America and the reconstruction process reflecting on every aspect that comes with it.
The development of the African American culture was as a result of the process of giving and taking. Cultural influence depended on the class to which someone belonged to, age, and class status in Africa. Especially young people who were taken as slaves adapted so fast to the language and culture of the Americans. There were intermarriages that took place as well as the development of religion. During the reconstruction process, African Americans took part in the political social and economic processes. There were many people who were allowed to hold public offices allowing for interaction. The interactions led to intermingling and, therefore, led to the African American culture (Gates 24). When people interact, it is human nature to borrow from each other since humans were created differently and have different aspects. Despite the fact that there were total restrictions for the African cultural practice, it could automatically pave ways since there were several interactions that took place especially during the war and when the slaves were serving their masters.
During the reconstruction process, African slaves were allowed to get an education and were assimilated to the religion they believed in. Allowing Africans to interact with the Americans and Europeans, in general, meant that there will be proximity that would lead to an agreement as well as marriages and adoption of each others culture. The type of religion preached by the Americans and Europeans led to a top in slavery practices as well as any form of mistreatment. The reconstruction process led to the growth of the African American culture, merging both the African and American culture. The different types of arts were incorporated into the system hairstyles the way of life among others. The attempt to allow for interracial interactions allowed for shares of literature, music, sports, and arts. It reached a point, where African Americans were allowed to take part in the voting process and actively participate in politics .they also acquired land and got employment it led to interactions and spread and growth of African American culture.
In summary African American culture greatly impacted in American and grew at a very high rate. It was as a result of the construction process that people started interacting, and there was a spread of the culture as well as the religion.

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