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Importance of understanding cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professionals in the business setting - Essay Example


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Importance of understanding cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professionals in the business setting

A leader is dynamic, and such leadership qualities are exhibited in a leader’s quest to address and meet work place differences, promote a conducive working environment as well as address the needs faced by all the employees. Diversity in the work place brings about positive change, social interactions and dynamic business operations. In order to uphold these values and ensure progress, business managers have to embrace positive diversity strategies to ensure that the work place is a conducive work place for all. This is particularly vital for employees who are challenged, marginalized or vulnerable in the work place. This relates to differences in gender, culture, background, race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliations, beliefs and attitude. It is therefore necessary to equip managers with skills aimed at relating on how to manage this diversity. (Myrtle, 2007) The ‘Lefties’ Experiments These experiments expose the right handed people to the life of’ lefties’. It also aims at interpreting how these people have managed to fit in a right handed lifestyle with so much dexterity that they are unnoticeable. In achieving this, a right handed person should pick a drawing pencil and instead of using a pencil sharpener to sharpen the pencil as well as taking precaution not to injure you, try to sharpen the pencil using a razor blade. Repeat the same exercise using a pencil sharpener. Similarly, in school, most desks are designed to accommodate the right handed people. One comes across a left

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Business and cultural differences
With the integration of business across the world the managers faces several problems with the difference in society due to different cultural backgrounds. The practice of globalization helps organizations to expand in different parts of the world by acquiring other organization in the target market of another country.
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Importance of Managers Cost Understanding
Therefore, from Management's expression, "What a product should have cost" is more important than."What it really did cost". Managers have to compare their product cost with "What it should have cost". Reasons for deviations are the ones rigorously analyzed and responsibilities are quickly fixed.
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Cultural Differences in Business
In the article A Study of Differences in Business Ethical Values in Mainland China, the U.S, and Jamaica the business decisions of managers in these three countries were compared (Fok & Hartman & Kwong, 2005). Ethics plays a major role in the managerial decisions concerning financial, environmental, and ethical matters.
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Understanding Cultural Differences in Successful Global Businesses
As the world moves more towards the globalization of activities, these differences would become more apparent. For businesses and corporations, their ability to manage and understand such cultural differences will eventually spell the difference between success and failure.
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Cultural diversity issues: racial and ethnic differences
The findings obtained in this paper reveal that cultural diversity issues are quite common in the US public sectors, which fundamentally emphasizes delivering healthcare and educational services to the community members.
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The Construction Managers Responsibility Towards a Workplace Culture of Diversity: From Barriers to Management
Their qualitative assessment found that diversity can increase employee motivation and foster growth in the business while developing innovation from new ideas that come from having a diverse make up of employees. Other benefits identified include: Greater corporate resilience and effectiveness Life experiences of women, ethnic minority groups and the disabled - acquired through discrimination or challenging circumstances - are believed to equip them better to cope with change and stay ahead of it
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International Business - Cultural Differences
As profitable as engagement in international business activities are, it is a highly challenging endeavour. The reason, quite simply stated, is cultural variations. Differences between national culture function as an obstacle to various aspects of international business management, including HRM and marketing.
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Cross-cultural gender differences in the UK and Japan business
At the same time, it is clear that culture determine business practices significantly. Observing Spencer-Oatey (2000) different mentalities determine fuzzy set of attitudes, beliefs, behavioral norms, basic assumptions and values shared by the members of these communities.
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The Importance of Understanding Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender differences by managers and professionals in a business setting
5). Due to the importance of diversity managers today have to educate themselves in regards to culture, ethnicity, and gender. The globalization movement has forced corporations to deal with diversity on a greater scale as many
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The importance of understanding cultural, ethnic, and gender differences by managers and professionals in business setting and relate it to the inportance of understanding diversity and applying this knowlege in the workplace
Globally, managers and business heads have been looking for ways to understand, and embrace different employee personalities in an organization. Needle (2010) argues that, managers have understood the necessity to come into terms
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handed user desk only by chance, if so, we rarely realize that such desks are designed for the left handed people. I once had to attend one of my class sessions using a left handed desk. It was difficult for me to concentrate in class as the desk was designed to face my left hand, or so in the opposite direction. My stationery kept falling due to the lack of ease in handling the desk. Likewise, pick up a piece of cotton cloth, draw a line on the piece of cloth, using your left hand, and use a pair of scissors to cut along the drawn line. Similarly, the experiments should be exercised by left handed people using their right hand. From the three experiments conducted using the left hand by right handed people, each of the three operations proved difficult. The experiment entailing sharpening a pencil using the left hand was almost unimaginable. One was apprehensive of injuring themselves. The case was similar for left handed people. Tasks performed by both categories were quite an uphill activity. This then leads us to the question; how do the left handed people make it through a right handed society? What we can all agree on is that the left handed people live through by exercising more effort, more caution, more criticism and intolerance in order to make it through a society mainstreamed for the right handed people. However, such diversity has not obstructed the left handed people from pursuing their dreams and vision in life. During school, most of us can attest and acknowledge the brilliance of the lefties who most at times have beaten us in exams and emerged top of class. Similarly, some of the greatest movers and shavers over time immemorial have been left handed people. The United States has had about nine left handed presidents. President Barrack Obama, Former President George W Bush and his predecessor Bill Clinton are all left handed. The art master,


Let’s be lefties for a day! Abstract Most people are right- handed. Most operations are streamlined to fit the right-handed people. In this regard, the right handed perform their chores with minimal effort due to the extent of normalcy that they enjoy. However, there are left- handed people in our midst, commonly known as ‘lefties’…
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Importance of understanding cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professionals in the business setting
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