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Does left hander are more intelligent than right hander - Essay Example

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Not only that, but this has been a relatively steady proportion, since records began.
Researches and scientists are still baffled how a child consciously or…
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Does left hander are more intelligent than right hander
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Extract of sample "Does left hander are more intelligent than right hander"

Download file to see previous pages I believe this will be an intriguing topic to look into.
In his book Chris McManus(2003) who is a psychologist tried to explain some of the myths surrounding left-handed people. He states that even though there are claims that left-handed people can be more creative, there is not enough scientific evidence to support such thesis. Another myth, proclaimed by Geschwind, is that left-handed people are more prone to immune disorders. McManus (2003) processed and studied data taken from 21 000 patients. He concluded based on the research collected that lthere is no evidence to conclusively state that more left-handed people develop or suffer from immune system disorders than right-handed.
Another myth is that left-handers have been persecuted. In his book “The Puzzle of Left Handedness”, Rik Smits (2012) notes that there existed an inexplicable prejudice against left-handed people. Certainly in the past, there was a deeply rooted bias. Right was thought to be good and left was believed to be evil. This can be observed across many cultures. Muslims for example use their right hand to eat with and the left to wash wish. There are also linguistic traces. “Right-hand man” meaning the most important person standing next to the boss and “having two left feet” are only handful of expressions, demonstrating this preconception. To debunk the myth that left-handed people are somehow treated harsh in life Smits (2012) looks at some statistical facts that 5 out of the 7 US presidents were left-handed. This clearly indicates that persecutions were no longer applicable for left-handed people in this modern era. Moreover they appear to be as successful and powerful as the right-handed.
One of the established facts is that left-handed people are less likely to be dominated by the left-hemisphere which is responsible for the language. For example language function is located in the left-hemisphere of the brain, thus people suffering from head ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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