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Issues, Debates, Controversies, Questions, Ambiguities Involving Theories and Findings in Your Topic Area Name: Institution: Human sex trafficking is like other illegal enterprises that rely on a market driven criminal industry that is based on the principles of demand and supply…
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Issues, Debates, Controversies, Questions, Ambiguities Involving Theories and Findings in Your Topic Area
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Download file to see previous pages This market is driven by high demand for cheap labor and commercial sex that is sustained through prostitution. Human traffickers profit from victimizing other people through the trade of human beings. Experts from various governments and institutions have come to the realization that to effectively tackle sex trafficking, demand driven factors should be mitigated against. This should be coupled with an overall intention to alter the incentives of high profit and low risk that serve to encourage traffickers in the industry. This paper seeks to address Current theories, explanations, proposed relationships among constructs, and absence of theories about meaningful phenomena in sex trafficking. It also seeks to highlight Contradictions, inconsistencies, and ambiguities regarding findings related to theories in human sex trafficking. Human sex trafficking at the local and international levels persists and thrives because there are factors support and drive its existence. High profits are a prime reason or factor that makes sex trafficking an attractive criminal enterprise. When individuals are willing to pay a high price of commercial sex services, they provide a market and create demand for sex trafficking victims. This makes it a lucrative venture for traffickers who engage in this industry because of the high profits that are realized from this practice. Another aspect that drives trade in human beings is when consumers buy goods and services that are a product of industries that rely on forced labor. This creates a profit incentive for human traffickers to supply these industries with cheap labor from trafficked victims, which drives down the cost of production and maximize revenues (Smith & Smith, 2011). The low risk of involvement in the sex trafficking industry makes the practice more conducive for traffickers. This is made possible by society’s ignorance and lack of sufficient awareness on the issue of sex trafficking. Government and other related institutions are not equipped through effective training to tackle sex trafficking by effective response mechanisms. Lack of stringent laws and policies effectively fight sex trafficking contribute to the low risk phenomena witnessed in the industry. The ineffectiveness of dormant laws and lack of safety nets for trafficking victims aggravates the fight against sex trafficking (Segrave, Milivojevic & Pickering, 2009). Failure to investigate and prosecute sex trafficking crimes is perceived as little deterrence to affect their criminal operations (Min, 2013). People who pay for services rendered by commercial sex workers is attributed to be the main driver for demand of sex trafficking. According to research studies conducted to investigate the role of sex buyers in sex, trafficking established their significant contributions to the industry. Sex buyers are unaware, ill informed or are in direct denial of their role and contribution to the abusive realities of sex trafficking (Parrot & Cummings, 2008). Demand for commercial sex services is touted as a major contributor of the increase in sex trafficking. The role of men in this act of increasing demand for commercial sex because they consist of almost 90% of those who buy or solicit for sexual services from commercial sex workers (Shively & Jalbert, 2013). Various interventions and rehabilitative techniques have been applied in an effort to try and reduce demand for commercial sex from trafficked person. According to various research studies, men’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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