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Final . Case Study: Youth perspective. Human rights - Term Paper Example

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Sex trafficking refers to the process of recruiting, transporting whether within a nation or across international borders and harboring of people with the main aim being commercial sexual exploitation (Donnely, 2003). The definition aims at differentiating sex trafficking with…
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Final paper. Case Study: Youth perspective. Human rights
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Extract of sample "Final . Case Study: Youth perspective. Human rights"

Download file to see previous pages The main purpose of this research paper is to analyze human rights from a youth perspective through a case study involving sexual trafficking (Orend, 2002).
Developed by Gerwith, theory is based on the writing of philosopher Emmanuel Kant. The theory postulates that human beings who lack agency in their life have less equal rights compared to those who have agency. The theory adds that human beings must be left to pursue their course of action with minimal interference from agents whose demands are not rooted in the well being of human beings. The theory derives rights of all human beings from their needs and the protection of children is at risk under this theory because they lack agencies of their own.
In the same way that a state has its sovereignty, the theory posts that each individual should be left to be autonomous and pursue their own needs. Agents who are supposed to protect children from sex trafficking may fail in their duty of doing so thus making children to be more strained because of faults that were not by them.
The main concerns that are raised by the theory include why the normal or fundamental requirements of social justice are combined with past incidences of victims who were out to seek justice. A good example that makes transitional justice to look strange is the call by people for compensation for cases such as colonialism and slavery (Nickel, 2006). In the same line of thinking, it can also not be understood as to how victims of sex trafficking can be compensated or get justice be done long periods after the injustice was committed against them.
Labor rights theories stipulate that there is a need to ensure that there is dignity and recognition in cases involving relationships that can be termed to be ethical. Power and inequality are however recognized by the theory as being one of the major impediments to ethical recognitions. In terms of human sex ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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