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Does age, gender, or race influence support of marijuana legalization - Term Paper Example

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Influence of Age, Gender and Race in the Legalization of Marijuana Date Introduction Marijuana commonly referred to as a hard drug and a stimulant is the center of recent debates on its legalization. Proponents and opponents to the idea have pointed out different reasons for their stand…
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Does age, gender, or race influence support of marijuana legalization
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Download file to see previous pages Among the respondents, 26% believed that possession of marijuana should be a felony, while 31% of the respondents felt that the drug should be available in hospitals under prescription. At least 24% of these people felt that the drug ought to remain illegal, favored either the reduction or elimination of penalties of its possession. Despite its current illegal status, many people still use it as a stimulant. Statistics point out that at least a third of the American population has ever used marijuana once in their lives. This is a significant number, considering its status as an illicit drug among the people. Increasingly, countries and their citizens are softening their stand on the drug, with Colorado legalizing the use of the drug. However, many people have found themselves torn between the legalization of the drug and its criminalization due to their personality. This proposal study seeks to identify whether age, gender or race influences the support for the legalization of marijuana. Literature Review Different factors contribute to divergence in people’s view on the legalization of marijuana. Even as the debate gains momentum, with some of the countries and American states opting to pass laws legalizing the use of the drug, the reality is that not all people are in support of the idea. On the other hand however, the differences in age, gender and race substantially affects the stand people have on the issue. Danovitch (2013) holds that no industrialized country to date has legalized the use of marijuana. Any projections on the impact of the legalization of marijuana in a jurisdiction are merely speculatively. As such, there is no testing previously done supporting this idea. An analysis of the regulatory changes and decriminalization of marijuana in other countries raises mixed findings, with some suggesting that there is an increase in its use while others think otherwise. To demystify this belief, this paper looks at three factors linked to the support of marijuana legalization (age, gender and race). Age as an Influencing Factor Age influences the support of legalization of marijuana among the people. Mostly, the patterns of use of the drug by different age groups in the society influence their likelihood of supporting the idea. Due to increased use of marijuana among the teenagers than the adult people, there is a high likelihood of these teenagers supporting its legalization. “World Future Review” (2012), observes that there is a widespread belief among the teen population that marijuana use benefits their health. He points out that in Colorado for instance, while there is an increased use of marijuana among the teenage population, there is a subsequent drop in the use of tobacco and alcohol. Although the teenagers are aware of the dangers posed by drugs such as alcohol and tobacco use, they are least aware of the dangers posed by the use of marijuana. Experts attribute ignorance to this sharp rise in the marijuana use among the teenagers. As “World Future Review” (2012, p. 29) points out, “I had to shake my head at the quote from the kids saying it promotes development and helps with focus.” It is obvious that these teenagers rely on the fact that marijuana has a medicinal value, opting to disregard the fact that its adverse effects related to addiction. Lack of education among teenagers on the health hazards associated with marijuana is the main reason for the sharp rise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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