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Drug and Substance Abuse - Dissertation Example

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The purpose of this paper “Drug and Substance Abuse” is to analyze how drugs are abused in different ways all over the world. Moreover, it intends to investigate remedy to those affected by this predicament. It will investigate the different measures that have been put in place to curb drug trafficking…
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Drug and Substance Abuse
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Extract of sample "Drug and Substance Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages A drug is a composition of chemical that adjusts, block or mimics chemical reactions in the brain; this, in turn, causes alteration of the body (Lowinson, Ruiz, and Millman 2005). Alcoholism and other drug problems are common issues, which are none the less very expensive. Drug and substance abuse effects are so adverse and can cause medical problems, as well as, destroy families. Additionally, the effects of such drugs depend mostly on the person’s health body and age.  Recent researches have indicated that individuals who use drugs and take alcohol at an early age undergo health disorders, with 90% of them suffering from various disorders that are associated with drug and substance such as liver cirrhosis, high blood pressure among other diseases (Gonzalez and Tienda 2004). Seemingly children, who smoke marijuana even at a tender age of fourteen, are more than five times likely to abuse it when they are adults as compared to those who use it when they are eighteen years and above. In most cases, children from families with alcoholic parents are highly likely prone to problems with alcohol as compared to those families that are free from alcoholism, while 60- 80% of adolescents with substance use disorders have core occurring mental illness. The problems brought about by alcohol are a leading preventable cause of death in the USA, these accounts to 75,000 deaths each year. As if this is not enough, the annual cost of alcohol abuse is approximately 191.6 billion dollars. Surprisingly, teens are the highest number of users in the United States (Gonzalez and Tienda 2004).  Due to this, the states have used over 89.5 billion dollars annually in trying to curb the vice. It is among the youth that alcohol and other drugs have been linked to an unintentional injury, physical fights, academic and occupational problems not to mention illegal behaviors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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