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This essay seeks to find some of the methods and techniques that can help individuals to overcome addiction because statistics show that the existing techniques have not been successful in reducing the addiction rates. It is highly recommendable to establish intervention programs…
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Techniques of Overcoming the Drug Abuse
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Drug and Substance Abuse
Drug and substance abuse has become a menace for the modern generation owing to the significant number of youths currently finding addiction because of the prolonged use of these substances. Drug abuse refers to consumption of substances that alter the normal state of the body especially the brain and has been linked to psychological changes. On the other hand, drug abuse is responsible for many social problems facing the current generation since the menace has been directly linked to a high number of school drop-outs, low work performance and even the prevalence of crimes among the youths. In most cases, the users become addicted to the process of abusing the drugs, but they do not know that quitting drugs takes more than just the will to stay away from the problem. Therefore, this essay seeks to find some of the methods and techniques that can help individuals to overcome addiction because statistics show that the existing techniques have not been successful in reducing the addiction rates.
Drug abuse may result in severe addiction as a situation that can be termed as a chronic brain disease or condition and forces individuals to compulsive drug use and seeking (Verster et al. 23). Therefore, addiction will force an individual to seek the drug despite the negative consequences on him or herself and also not considering the effect the drug use is having on the people around them. Although individuals begin taking drugs out of curiosity, the substances bring about long-term change in the brain thus affecting the individual’s self-control as well as hampering the ability to resist intensive drug seeking and use. Fortunately, Verster et al. (23) suggest that there are treatments for drug addiction and researchers have shown that a combination of medical treatment and behavioural therapy can lead to a successful recovery from addiction.
Though treatment methods may help in handling the situation, prevention is the most appropriate tool for the drug users (Wilson and Kolander 34). Therefore, it is highly recommendable to establish intervention programs that include communities, families, schools as well as the media in reducing the rates of drug abuse. Therefore, prevention programs focus on using education to help the youth and the general public on understanding the dangers of drug abuse. Role models in the society especially teachers parents, medical and healthcare professions should assist in sending messages that drug addiction is preventable and should also warn against drug abuse.
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