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Impact of Educational and Drug Prevention Programs - Research Paper Example

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This essay presents educational and drug prevention programs which are meant to counter the influences that come with drug use be it from the media or the basic social settings of communities. The aim is to minimize and possibly annihilate the risk factors and promote protective factors. …
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Impact of Educational and Drug Prevention Programs
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Extract of sample "Impact of Educational and Drug Prevention Programs"

Download file to see previous pages From the discussion it is clear that community policing on the other hand is the partnership of civilians with the law enforcers to curb criminal activities. In this endeavor, the civilians are key players in ensuring that the law is followed and play as allies of the police. This happens at the most basic neighborhoods and is therefore at a small scale. The Deterrence Theory brings forward the notion that human beings abide by the law because of the fear of prosecution for failure to adhere. This brings about the matter of Specific Deterrence which refers to a crime prevention technique which operates on instilling fear on the individual receiving punishment.This study stresses that the Narconon program from 1966 to the present day has played a role in getting people off drugs and it has centers in averagely 45 countries worldwide. The Narconon drug prevention and education curriculum intends to bring forth more risk factors than benefits of using drugs to young people. The purpose of this is to provoke a certain line of reason that the youth are intended to capture. Keeping in mind that among the uses of drugs there is the beneficial aspect like fitting in with a popular crowd or overcoming shyness. This program means to provide an alternative that will effectively counter the drugs. The Narconon drug prevention staff can boast of educating an aggregate of 5 million school going children on this issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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