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The Debate surrounding the Legalization Marijuana and your position on the issue - Research Paper Example

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Furthermore, the legality and illegality of the drug varies between countries in terms of possession. States which have prohibited marijuana-use have strict regulations…
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The Debate surrounding the Legalization Marijuana and your position on the issue
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Extract of sample "The Debate surrounding the Legalization Marijuana and your position on the issue"

Download file to see previous pages The drug was essentially sold as tincture which was a medicinal tea and was quickly adapted by the English cultures. The Indian government regulated the circulation of the drug where it required the importing nations to use it for medicinal and scientific purposes only. Today, marijuana can be consumed through different forms which include smoking, as a vaporizer, cannabis tea or as edibles.
Cannabis can be termed as hemp; if it is an annual herb used for non drug purposes (Jonathan, Hawken, Kilmer and Kleiman 4). The product is used for industrial purposes which are licensed by the government. The industrial hemp produces fiber which is used as fuel as a by-product. The hemp seeds can further be consumed as food by human beings.
The use of marijuana has the benefit of improving the economy of the States. The benefit can be realized through taxation which generates income to the legalized States and the nation as a whole. The income realized can be used to fund government projects and promote educational campaigns across institutions (Burnham 23).
According to Burnham Para 44 marijuana legalization promotes the creation of jobs. The marijuana industry is exponentially growing which can directly and indirectly promote the creation of jobs. The industry employs numerous people, who are engaged in the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, consumption and advertising of the drug.
Decriminalization of marijuana necessitates the reduction of crime. The sale and distribution of the drug can be regulated so as to prohibit illegal trading which can be upheld by educational campaigns so as to reduce marijuana related offenses (Burnham 76). The offenders can further be educated on the effective measures to curb frustrations and their illegal motives.
Burnham 102 confirms marijuana contains active components of cannabinoids which have medical benefits in the human life. The cannabinoids have potential elements which modulate pain, increase ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Debate Surrounding the Legalization Marijuana and Your Position on Research Paper)
The Debate Surrounding the Legalization Marijuana and Your Position on Research Paper.
“The Debate Surrounding the Legalization Marijuana and Your Position on Research Paper”, n.d.
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