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Becoming An Expert in Your Topic Area - Article Example

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Human Trafficking Name: Institution: Part I. Establishing the basis behind a claim by any quarter of a given discipline is a process that endeavors to ascertain the facts or premises behind the given claim or postulate. There have been various interventions and techniques that have been issued over time to combat sex trafficking in many nations all over the world…
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Becoming An Expert in Your Topic Area
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Download file to see previous pages Research studies and assessments must be focused on establishing or disputing a commonly believed fact or notion about a pre-existing phenomenon. Executors of such endeavors should bear in mind that there are various entities and factors that influence the outcome of their research study. Established research analysts concur on the importance of ascertaining the validity and authenticity of a research. This paper is aims to provide a research dissertation on efforts being made by domestic state and local governments to end the demand of this multi-billion dollar human enterprise. When conducting a research study or assessment, executors of this endeavor should bear in mind the detractors of validity in an experimental study or assessment. Confounding variables are the commonest detractors of validity in any given study. For the purposes of this paper, detractors to validity, both external and internal are going to be analyzed in the context of two research articles that pertain to the subject of the topic being discussed. Heiges study into the required reform of both local and state prostitution enforcement strategies to effectively combat sex trafficking in the United States (US) and abroad leave room for some queries on validity. The study was also able to establish that there is a significant commitment by US authorities to combat sex trafficking. The study does not however establish whether there are other underlying forces to account for the observed ineffectiveness of strategies being employed by federal agencies to counter human trafficking. There are various confounding variables in this study that can undermine authenticity of the results garnered from this assessment. The role of socioeconomic variables should be addressed and considered when drawing a conclusion to this study. This is because according to Meltzoff (2007), systemic approaches should first be developed to ensure that the focus of a study delves into the impact of various variables on the outcome of the study. Trochim and Donnely (2008) further emphasize the importance of factoring in the impact of confounds by arguing that failure to do so diminishes both the internal and external validity of the assessment. In the case of the proposed paradigm shift being recommended for combating sex trafficking, threats to the study’s external validity of the assessment should be carefully considered. This is because the study’s external validity is of prime importance to the future of the study’s proposed strategies. Shively and Jalbert’s assessment of demand reduction of sex trafficking services in the US establish that the strategies are working, but at insignificant levels. The study failed to establish the reasons behind this failure or ineffectiveness of the strategies being employed by federal agencies. It is important that future studies factor in the importance of variance brought about by elements like the involvement of men in society and the stereotypes that go along with the aspect of prostitution in the society. This brings to fore the aspect that could have immensely improved the validity of the study’s results. In other words, the failure to thoroughly establish the facts behind the failure of demand reduction strategies, illustrates the effects of confounds on an assessment of this kind. Demand reduction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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