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Social Mobility. What Is A Social Mobility And Why Isn't There More Of It - Essay Example

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Social Mobility.
While there exists considerable debate on the definition, sociologists agree that social mobility relates to the movement of entities from one class to another within a social structure (Galiani 2010, p.1)…
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Social Mobility. What Is A Social Mobility And Why Isnt There More Of It
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Extract of sample "Social Mobility. What Is A Social Mobility And Why Isn't There More Of It"

Download file to see previous pages In most cases, social mobility compares between socio-economic statuses of past and present generations to describe emerging trends as well as define economic progress. Studies into intergenerational social mobility seek to explore the extent at which individuals achieve or fail to achieve a higher social status than that of their parents (OECD 2010, p.182). Simply put, social mobility is the ability to move from one social class to another at whichever direction depending on the prevailing environment. It is important to describe the types of social mobility that are feasible under the right conditions, and they are vertical and horizontal mobility. Vertical social mobility illustrates change in a group’s or individual statue along the social hierarchy, which can be upward or downwards depending on the prevailing factors. On the other hand, horizontal mobility involves change in the occupational role in the society without any subsequent ascend or descend in the social stratification. Max Weber’s definition of social class dwells on the demarcation of the three spheres of society, where class is a non-social form, and status groups, as well as parties are viewed as the modes of associative or communal socialization that go beyond state and national boundaries (Gane 2005, p.211). Weber’s philosophies go deeper to define social class as an intrinsic social institution or entity by labelling and referring to it as a status group and class. As such, his suppositions are that social class is based on cultural values, as opposed to the economic interests that are found in the ideologies and philosophies of Karl Max in defining and describing social classes and issues. Weber declares that a social class is the largest component, if not the only component in the totality of class situations in which individual and generational mobility is found (Gane 2005, p.213). As such, his definition of power in social classes has nothing to do with economic wellbeing as found in the Marxist theory, but rather dwells on the political and cultural power. Therefore, for him the basis of social classes relies heavily on the interests of the said classes rather than what they can or cannot do because the interests of the social classes define the existence of a market. On the other hand, Karl Max, the founder of Marxism, is of a different school of thought with his philosophy based on economic doctrine and social revolution. As such, the economic theory is based on a well-defined system, which is structured as a logical array revolving around the notions of value and surplus value (Milios, Dimoulis and Economakis 2002, p.42). The theory is deeply embedded in the theory of class struggles, which is crucial to his definition of social classes, where he rejects all forms of traditional, theoretical and philosophical humanism. The humanism rejected in the above case refers to a belief that individual human nature is the main determinant of form and evolution patterns of societies. In addition to Karl’s theory of class struggle between the different social classes, Karl is of the opinion that certain societies have class relations that do not belong to the same form of class power, as they constitute of different class systems. As such, the class system follows the earlier mentioned system of social power where there are the leaders with social power and the dominated. However, the two groups are further stratified based on their materialism and historical background. It should, however, be noted that this has nothing to do with the culture in spite of the use of historical backgrounds in discerning social classes. This is especially so for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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