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Sociology - Coursework Example

I will try to think outside the square and try to offer sociologically-informed explanations for the social phenomenon that I have noticed around myself. A major social incident that recently caught my eye is that there are many billboards in my city that advertise products and services with very obvious gender roles. For example, in all the advertisements, I saw for washing powders and dish cleaning liquids, shampoos and clothing, and baby food, I found that there were always women present in these ads. These portray the view that women should focus on doing domestic chores, should take care of maintaining their appearance, and should take responsibility for taking care of their children respectively. The billboards on which I saw mostly men posing were the ones for insurance policies, banking and investment opportunities and for sports and athletic wear. Such ads, in my opinion, promote the view that men should be the breadwinners and focus on securing themselves financially, and that they should be athletic and strong. Such ads, I think, are integral in shaping the society's view of what the appropriate forms of femininity and masculinity are, since these billboards are in open view for everyone to see. These ads also help reinforce conceptions of gender norms that the society has; in my society, women are, in fact, expected to take care of domestic chores and the babies, so it makes sense that the ads for dishwashing liquids and baby food featured women in them. Another interesting

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Although sociology developed very late as a field of science, its standing compared to other sciences is as strong as ever. The concepts, contributors, terminologies, and generalizations of sociology help in the development of generally acceptable theories.
4 pages (1000 words)Research Paper
Humanities/ Sociology
If the reconstitution of these schools is not revised, then political institutions will perish because thinking citizens are required to for such institutions to thrive (Adler, 69). Adler suggests philosophy as the only reform that is radical enough to prevent this disaster.
9 pages (2250 words)Coursework
The Sociology of Sports
The study elaborates how sports reflect human nature and behavior during the fluctuations of circumstances, as humans learn patience, tolerance and endurance along with making strife to ensure their success and achievement at the precarious state of affairs.
6 pages (1500 words)Coursework
Sociology of Violence
Victim’s characteristics can be highlighted, as well as the interactional and social contexts within which different forms of violence occur. This can entail a social meaning consideration constituting a person’s notion with public space occupation and the right to life (Richardson and May, 1999).
5 pages (1250 words)Coursework
Sociology Coursework - Subculture
In this case, bisexuals among the youths are distinct not only in behavior but also in going against the norms as far as relationships are concerned. Subcultures might be distinct by ethnic, occupational, religion, politics, social class, and behavior (Tischler 70).
4 pages (1000 words)Coursework
Sociology final questions
Given the reason that all actions are predetermined, determinism is thought to be incompatible with the idea of free will. According to the article on Suicide, “the social element of suicide”, Durkheim distinctively characterizes suicide as an act that is not performed intentionally, instead it is done advisedly.
4 pages (1000 words)Coursework
Sociology of Hip-Hop Music
This new wave of music which was stated to be 'hip-hop' has definitely taken America by storm without question. Many claim that this form of artistic music represents newer generations of people with changing attitudes and diverse ways of looking at life that are greatly varied compared to back in the 50's.
31 pages (7750 words)Coursework
Social isolation

The author states that social isolation, by definition, reduces socialization because it alienates an individual from culture. When this happens, culture cannot be passed on from one generation to another. Communication is a necessary condition of socialization, and that factor is negatively impacted by social isolation.

4 pages (500 words)Coursework
Civil rights movements adopted this tactics from the influence of Martin Luther king Jr., who preached nonviolent approaches to solving community problems and
2 pages (500 words)Coursework
Sociology Questions:
Jared responds to this by trying to put himself in a position that portrays to the other person only good aspects of what she expects from the relationship. He communicates to his date the benefits of having such a nice lad like him as her date, hence the success of
3 pages (750 words)Coursework
thing I noticed is the abundance of signs all across the city. These include road signals, signal lights, STOP signs, and even the symbols on the road that prohibit things such as driving over 50km/hr, that ask bikers to ride their bicycles on the side of the road, that do not permit parking, and so on. When I look at these signs and symbols, all I can think of is how we constantly need to be told how to live our lives. Civilized life in a society depends on rules and regulations, and a mutual acceptance of these rules otherwise these symbols and signs would not make sense. For instance, if someone from a rural mountainside in Tibet comes to my city and sees the traffic signal flashing a red light, he will not know that he is meant to stop and may walk into a road and get hit by a car. This shows how chaos can result from not following the rules that society has agreed upon. I also noticed that my peers from a non-English speaking background seemed to have trouble following some of the classes in my school where English is the medium for teaching and learning. One of these peers is from a Chinese speaking background; when he was asked to read an English text in one of our classes, he struggled with the pronunciations and took a long time in completing sentences. This got me thinking that students who do not know the language used at schools will face a great disadvantage in learning; consequently, I feel schools should take all their pupils' backgrounds into consideration before deciding what language to teach in. There is also a large number of nuclear families that I noticed coming into the restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and other recreational areas that I visited. This made me


My Socioautobiography Name University As I see the world around myself, I try to find the deeper, more insightful meaning to everything that I notice; one way I perform this is by drawing upon my knowledge of sociological explanations. In my opinion, there is greater significance to the way life is ordered in society; things do not just happen without a reason…
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