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Personal paper on SoHo, NYC. First-person - Essay Example

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By soul, I meant not only the architecture and its environment but by the people who resided and still resides in it. I bet there is no city or community in America where you can find as many souls that…
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Personal paper on SoHo, NYC. First-person
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Geographically, Soho is a neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is a zoned neighborhood bounded by Houston Street and Lafayette Street, with the Centre Street on the East and Canal Street on the South. As a place, one can immediately observe that there is more to the city than its geographical location evident with the characters of its more than 250 iron cast buildings. Indeed there is more that meets the eye because what made Soho special are not only its buildings but its inhabitants and its history. Dreams and perfection were created in that community, a dwelling place were great artworks were conceived and worked during the stillness of its night and the brightness of its day.
Soho’s nature to become the nest and breeding place of so many artists can be said to be a happy accident or perhaps even by Divine Providence. In the early part of Sohos history, the place was virtually empty where its historic buildings became unattractive to factories or any form of business. At some point, it was thought of as a miserable place, without place to work, all space and no money from industry where abandoned buildings litter the community.
For a time, there may be no money coming in during in Soho but its historic buildings and its lofts that has large unobstructed space where light can get in freely, has a special charm to artists. It could provide them the space to work and for their art to flourish. Its bane of being absent of industry and factories actually became an advantage and an asset because it afforded artists rent cheap to do their creative works. Just imagine a place, or a community where all of its residents are dreamers or purveyors of beauty whose heads are always on the cloud even if their feet touches ground. Many may have been gone but you can still feel that artistic aura, to explore and to open up, and pour ourselves in creative ways that only God understand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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