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Evolution of Attitudes about Homosexuality - Essay Example

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Homosexual behavior is a common phenomenon in many animal species. Since long time, this kind of behavior is also viewed within the human beings. …
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Evolution of Attitudes about Homosexuality
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Extract of sample "Evolution of Attitudes about Homosexuality"

Download file to see previous pages This study namely ‘evolution of attitudes’ relating to homosexuality provides the explanation of the evolution of the sex marriage in the certain states of the United States. In this regard, a comparison has been made which denotes the changes of attitude that has occurred. In this study, a summarized explanation of The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has been provided which reveals the reason of banning of DOMA by the Supreme Court of the US. Finally, it will provide a conclusion of the study discussing the acceptability of the evolution of the attitude relating to the homosexuality.
The history of homosexuality in the US is shorter than that of Europe. Best recognized and biggest homosexual communities are present in the city of Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. In the initial period of 20th century, a large number of US citizens had traveled to the big cities. And, they were forced to reside beyond their family structures. Especially for the women, it came as a new kind of experience. In this regard, during economic changes banning of gay incumbents in the military department had been witnessed. In November 1950, the first homosexual political organization was formed in the city of New York. The name of the party was Mattachine Society. Prior to 1953, under the ruling of president namely Eisenhower, homosexuality turned out to be a sufficient reason to terminate any federal employee from his or her job. Moreover, along with the other government agencies, defense agencies also followed the same way to identify and terminate the defense personnel. It is worth mentioning that during that period the US Postal Service used to put tracers on the suspected homosexuals to trace their actual sexual status. Incidence related to the political discrimination, brutality and police harassment were frequently faced by the US gay and lesbian communities. At that period of time, US administrators’ outlook towards the homosexual people was quite narrower (Ford, “A Brief History of Homosexuality in America”). PRESENT ATTITUDE Things have changed in the present day context by a significant extent. Various laws have been enacted in the US to promote intersexual marriage. However, still now, there are many concerned areas, scenarios of which still now have not changed. As reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), violence against gay citizens and the destruction of the gay property are on the rise (Ford, “A Brief History of Homosexuality in America”). There are thirteen US states and the District of Columbia, where same-sex marriage has got the legality. These states include Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, California, Delaware, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Vermont, Maine, New York, and Washington. There are certain states that oppose ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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