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On NGO vs. Governmental Effectiveness - Essay Example

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On NGO vs. Governmental Effectiveness Overview of CARE International CARE international is one of the well-known international humanitarian non-governmental organization working for the promotion of economic growth, human basic rights and social progress. It is an organization established in the year 1945 in United States that mainly works against the negative impacts of poverty in global perspectives…
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On NGO vs. Governmental Effectiveness
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Download file to see previous pages Work of CARE International CARE is a world famous humanitarian organization working to fight against injustice in approximately 84 countries in global scenario. The main purpose of the organization is to help the poor and deprived individuals of all communities in varied parts of the world. Along with this, it also tries to present all types of basic facilities like sanitation facilities, drinking water, natural resources, shelter and clothes to the poor individuals all round the globe. It is done to highlight the economic condition and status of the human beings thereby declining the harmful impacts of poverty and disasters (Care, n.d.). Other than this the prime goal of CARE is to change entire picture of the world into a globe of hope, tolerance and social justice. To do so, it is essential to present varied types of basic facilities to the poor and deprived individuals of the globe. Along with this, it also helps in presenting varied types of emergency ids to the war survivors. On the other hand, the mission of these NGO’s is to serve the individuals and families of the poorest communities with varied types of basic needs. ...
Apart from this, the objective of CARE is to reduce violence over the women segment within a society and improve their standard of living by presenting them education and job facilities. Along with this, it also aims to present the basic amenities so as to make their living more stable and secure. Due to such objectives and missions, CARE is recognized as one of the legendary organization working for the benefit and up-liftment of the deprived individuals of the society in the entire globe (Care, n.d.). Do you think the agenda of CARE is a good one: Why or Why not? Yes, I think the agenda of CARE is far better than a governmental organization. This is because there main aim of these organizations is to help the diseased and deprived individuals of all round the globe with all types of basic facilities and education with a specific time frame. Moreover, the executives working for these organizations immediately move to those disturbed areas and try to present them the required amenities in a small time frame. Due to which, their process of action is quite quicker than any other governmental organization (Care, n.d.). Do you think their approach is feasible: Why or why not? The approaches of CARE are more feasible as compared to governmental organizations as they are independent organization and work for the benefit of the individuals. In case of any emergency, they work more quickly than governmental organizations due to the support of Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP). CAP helps in supporting their action plan and presents them with all sorts of required facilities to conduct the task in a successful way. Along with this, they try to solve the entire process of action through information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(On NGO Vs. Governmental Effectiveness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
On NGO Vs. Governmental Effectiveness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“On NGO Vs. Governmental Effectiveness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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