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Negative Contemporary Work Role Issues - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Negative Contemporary Work Role Issues Over the years, the workforce has seen numerous revolutions especially in the developed nations like the United States. The dynamic nature of work place roles has an impact in the way in which employees view their duties within given organizations and the employee performance at large (Lauer and Lauer 301)…
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Negative Contemporary Work Role Issues
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Download file to see previous pages Due to the rapid trends in embracing globalization by many states especially the first world countries, many workers across the world have decried foul by major organizations like the World Bank. These renowned organizations, in their quest to incorporate globalization in their entire structure, forget to address the plight of their workers, some of which may not be able to adapt adequately to the dynamic nature of globalization (Lauer and Lauer 298). According to Lauer and Lauer, contemporary work roles have played a significant role in increasing the emerging trends in job dissatisfaction and alienation that is on an upward course more so in the developed and rapidly rising economies (297). Most workers around the world have voiced their concerns over myriad issues affecting their level of satisfaction at their respective workplaces with most of their issues revolving around the globalization issue. As the world moves towards becoming a global village, several aspects of employment keep on changing for example the composition of the workforce and the descriptions of various jobs at different levels. This has led to worker apathy as more employees around the world approach these issues as potential threats to their job security or as bureaucracies meant to keep them under constant supervision and monitoring (Lauer and Lauer 296). SuA?rez-Mendoza, and Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lara state that modern work roles in general, has contributed to the diminishing employee satisfaction in the sense that the workers have developed a perception that work roles present more problems to the society than initially envisaged (60). Globalization has and modern roles in the work place have seen many people declared redundant, an issue that continues to spark controversies as to whether globalization works for the benefit of the citizens or a few multinational corporates (Bloom and Hobby 73). When compared to other nations, unemployment rates in industrialized nations are the highest globally and workers in these nations have alienated themselves from their jobs for lack of job security due to the changing nature of the market trends and the adoption of globalization. Ceylan and Sulu note that large corporate such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund through such globalization techniques as downsizing, have laid off a number of workers over the years (68). In addition, work related stresses and strained interpersonal relationships, which are a function of contemporary work roles, have seen many employees develop a negative attitude towards their respective workplaces and job descriptions (Top Documentary Films “The Globalization Tapes”). Many workers across the world especially in such upcoming countries like Malaysia and Indonesia have associated their indifference to their current duties at their work places to prevailing trends that define the modern work roles. This is more prevalent in large corporations that keep on adjusting their structure depending on their goals and objectives. Perhaps one of the contentious traditional work roles was the delineation of the male and female roles at the work place. However, contemporary workplaces do not draw clear distinctions between roles that are in the male ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Negative Contemporary Work Role Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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