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How did the role of woman changed in the Egyptian movies today compared to the old movies black white movies - Research Paper Example

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The role of women in Egyptian films Name Institution Course Professor Date Since independence in 1922, Egypt pioneers film production in Africa as well as the Arab countries. Egypt familiarizes itself with other Arabic dialects and hence produces films other Arabic countries can consume…
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How did the role of woman changed in the Egyptian movies today compared to the old movies black white movies
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Download file to see previous pages This is achieved through the support filmmakers receive from the government of Egypt. Egypt films possess ethnographic qualities and depict the situation of life in Egypt. Among the Arab countries, Egypt allows more participation of women in the film industries. Family conservatism, religious issues, male chauvinism and inadequate exposure to the film industry constitute some reasons causing Arab women to stay away from the film. While most Arabs viewed actresses as prostitutes, this view held no water in Egypt. Hence, the participation of Egyptian women in the film never created problems. Egyptian women participate in the film as actors, writers, directors, and even producers. Egyptian women participate both in front or behind the camera. The role of women in film continues to evolve from the black and white era to the 21st century. While the films in the past simply portrayed women as females, recent Egyptian films highlight the contemporary life of the Egyptian woman (Khouri, M, 2010). The woman’s role in the Egyptian society continues to evolve, and filmmakers continue to reflect the changes in the films. The role of women in film continues to evolve from the feminism era during Nasser’s time to tackle fundamental issues facing women in the Egyptian society. 1930s and 1940s This period came immediately after the silent era. Although the picture quality still stood below standard at the time, the films majorly emulated those of old Hollywood. They mainly told stories of high society and low society class members. The films completely ignored the middle class at the time. The women’s role in the films majorly categorized women into two. The two categories included women from rich societies and those from the poor society. The costumes and ornamentation of women in the film connoted the difference in the two types of women. Women from the upper class were portrayed as glamorous and feminine. Meanwhile, men in the films appeared to be fragile, poor or ultra masculine. The portrayal of gender roles at this time created an avenue to show modernization and class in a melodramatic way (Sakr, N, 2004). The Egyptian films at the time also constituted of the theme of love. The films depicted impossible love due to the disparity in class and social status. Women majorly played the role of the female. All they did in the film was waiting for a man to fight for them. The films advanced female weakness and victimization by choosing male actors with feminine features. Hence although, the character tried to fight for his love, he failed and became a victim. Observing films produced between 1930s and 1940s reveals the fact that male victims in films always possessed soft feminine features. Though indirect the passivity and powerlessness of these men in films further made the woman look weak in the society. The negative portrayal of women in the 30s and 40s film continued as women of the higher class represented or symbolized foreign occupation. The high class woman also symbolized the monarchy and its corruption at the time. High class women in the Egyptian films always played the role of a socialite; a conniving woman who always seeks more power and wealth. The women in the films often plotted against their husbands and friends in order to achieve the wealth and power. This portrayal represented what the monarchy and colonial governments did to Egypt. The peasant woman, on the other hand, always played a naive peasant girl. A rich man lies to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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