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Identify & summarize Contemporary Issues in criminal Justice management. Compare & contrast various community organizational & individual responses to contemporary issues in criminal justice. Summarize the ethical issues created by contemporary issues. The contemporary issues in criminal justice management and comparing and contrasting different societies, organizational and individual, for example races, religion and sexes…
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Identify and Summarize Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Management
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Download file to see previous pages The system works to protect those who are accused as well; they have rights and opportunities under the system to protect themselves. In today’s criminal justice system the potential pitfalls are not seen to be a problem as much as it has been in the past. The criminal justice system is equal and is said not to take religion, race or any social differences into consideration because this would show unequal rights. The rule is that no difference such as the above should reflect the proper application of law. The drawback of the “unwritten” code in the Criminal Justice System is that colleagues will always side with each other as they will know each other on a personal level; this would be seen as bias. The law enforcement agencies are seen as “union” which means they all stick together. This has advantaged as working well together helps the system. However on the other hand the serious amount of power that is given to them that could be abused through the legal system. The Criminal Justice System has three parts to it legislative, adjudication and corrections. Legislative means the law that is created, adjudication is the courts and corrections is the prisons and jails. The Criminal Justice System is made from the three parts above and all agencies work together under the law, to prevent crime and to follow procedures correctly. In America there is a need to defend, protect and shield themselves and their properties. The formation of laws is an essential structure of fortification and the organization of a system to pertain and to impose these laws, is crucial. In this work I will be looking at the contemporary issues in criminal justice management and comparing and contrasting different community organizational and individual’s responses to contemporary. The Criminal Justice System is set to be, “The purpose of the Criminal Justice System (CJS) is to deliver justice for all.” Criminal Justice is the fundamental system of institution and organizations of governments focussed at preserving crime and stopping crime. The system works to protect those who are accused as well; they have rights and opportunities under the system to protect themselves. The ethical codes in the Criminal Justice System show similarities, however only a minority mentions the Bill of Rights. The Code of Ethics in the Academy of Criminal Justice Science is widespread. The Academy has been told about the issues surrounding them, some say they may misuse powers and try to influence results and misuse their authority in a wrong way. The members of the Academy should make sure they produce results fairly for everyone. The Code of Ethics could be interpreted slightly different to different states however the main principle is all the same. An ethical code by definition supplies a dilemma at times. Ethics is about personal views and personal opinions as everyone interprets meanings and definitions differently. The ethical code should be there to give guidelines to someone who is new to the system. The interesting factor was that the ethical code was not seen to be standard and that the code varied from state to state. However the following declaration "The American correctional Association expects of its members unfailing honesty, respect for the dignity and individuality of human beings and a commitment to professional and compassionate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identify and Summarize Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Research Paper.
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